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September and October 2015 Courses

Back from holidays, and …. nothing better than keep on learning with new courses!

For novices

If you never try Linux, why not now? You have one course in spanish Aprender Linux desde cero but if you prefer the one offered by the Linux Fundation, it is also available for you at Linux de EdX.

Also, on EdX you can join to Introduction to Computer Science and programming using Python, already started a few weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure you can end it!

Also, you hava a course related to Introduction to jQuery, with @geektrainer, the teacher also of Bootstrap, also available.

In October you can join to learn the base of HTML5.

Big Data courses

If you are looking for #BigData courses, you have several options here: I joined this course Principles of computing, that I tried to do in the previous edition and I couldn’t get done (I will get it this time!!), and another one of Minning Massive datasets.

You can join also to several courses offered by Microsoft, from Cloud computing, to Hadoop, Machine Learning, ….

You can also check for more courses here and here.

So, let’s start learning again!!

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