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Challenges for 2016


2015 has been a very intense year for me, where I leant a lot of things, some of them were proposals and other … have arrived during the year without ask for them..


Feliz Navidad 2016

Reading the challenges for 2015, I can check that I did some of my challenges. A general view of my entries shows that I have writen a lot about HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Javascript, and not so much about databases. It has been a more technical year than I would like to, but … I have been enjoying a lot learning #TypeScript, because I needed to go further on HTML and Javascript.

And the winner is … TypeScript

The year is mark in Manejando Datos  for TypeScript, after I course I did for two months, and after that, I understood how Javascript works, how I have to code Javascript.

I would like to remember also a video related to an entrance of this blog about gmaps.

I did some collaborations with the company PackPub, woth a few book reviews, and also course reviews I did. The most useful for me were TypeScript and Bootstrap, both offer by Microsoft.

Challenges for 2016

during 2016 I would like to write about data and privacity, an aspect I working on for some time and I will try to publish at the beginning og the year with several entrances. I am going to tack also about Google and #BigData, and also about hacking.

The fact that I went in april to a cibersecurity congress, Cordoba Security Congress, open my eyes to data and crime, and the value of data. Maybe you are not aware that you generates a lot of data that are stores on multiple servers and there are quite a lot companies that gives value to thoses data that you believe that are worthless.

In the future entrances related to databases, there are a lot to learn. I would like to introduce you to SQLite, a database I always wanted to move to as an alternative to Microsoft Access, and my restriction has been that I couldn’t work with using Visual Basic 6, but now I use it a lot.

there are a series of entrance related to backups, a very important aspect that almost every body has in the TODO list and never executes … until a disaster arrived. On 2015 I receive a few questions related to backups, and it’s more easy that you think to set up a backup policy using free software, open source software and without any code, although it can be improved with a little of coding!

Let’s see at the end of the year my accomlpish of theses challenges, that are:

  • Data, backups and privacity
  • Databases
  • TypeScript
  • Data Visualization
  • Python

i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2016!


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