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Firefox OS is dead. Try FirefoxOS in Android

Firefox OS

A long time since the last time I wrote about Firefox OS, mainly because it is a OS that is still not as popular as iOS and Android, and although it is fighting against them, Firefox OS still to grow up. The project is still alive (for a short period of time), and it can grow faster after the news that the app WhatsApp can be executed in Firefox OS (you can read more here). Now, you can try FirefoxOs on your Android device!!

Try Firefox OS in Android

During the last weeks I met a way of trying this OS in Android, and it is only by downloading an app if you have one of the admited devices:

Mozilla fundation is looking for developers to collaborate with this project:

As you can imagine, the fact that I haven’t written in so long is due to no news, but with this movement (the Firefox OS app), this OS can be now more accesible to more people, and once tested, why not moving to Firefox OS.

I don’t believe any Android user will move to Firefox OS because it still has to mature, and also the developer’s community is smaller that others. But with this change of minf (the Android app), Mozilla breaks the gap to the users, although using another OS.

I can’t try Firefox 2.5 on my device because it is not supported, but once I can, I will try. You can download the app here:

Firefox OS is dead

A few days after I wrote the previous paragraph, a very important news from Mozilla: Mozilla Will Stop Developing And Selling Firefox OS Smartphones. Bad news for a nice idea. My condolences! Mozilla should have developers into account, because if no body program for your platform, your platform is already dead, and that’s one reason behind FirefoxOS death.

Happy coding!

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