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Google App Engine: creating a new project

App Engine

Today’s entrance is dedicated to how to create a new project on Google App Engine, inside Google Cloud. Although it’s very easy, the first step is accessing the console, in this link: and click on New Project (of course, you must be logged in in your gmain account, otherwise it’s impossible to access to the console). After that, you need to write how your project is going to be named and create the ID (it should be free, of course!).

Nuevo proyecto GAE

New project on GAE

Once you confirm the creating of the project, next you have to wait for a minute or so, and the new project will be ready to work with. Easy, isn’t it?

With the new project ready, you have lots of possibilities to choose to work with:

Nuevo proyecto GAE

Nuevo proyecto GAE

Remove a project

If you think you need to remove a project, it’s also very easy as well, but you must visit the Billing And Setting option, and there you’ll find what you need: Remove a project. Once you click on that option, you must write the project ID (in order to avoid an automatic process, and to force the user to action), and … in the next minutes, the project will be removed. The truth is that the project is not visible, and instead, it will be removed definitivetly after a few days, giving the user a few days in case the user decides to rescue the project again.

Happy coding!

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