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Data generated by you doesn’t belong to you!

Los datos no son tuyos

Maybe the title of this entrance can sound wierd, but this is what happend in the real world of Internet. The data which you feed several webs you like, or social networks, … doesn’t belong to you (the property of that data is not yours), although this data has been generated by you. OK, I repeat again: data generated by you doesn’t belong to you. Of course, if you are a user of a social network o an internet company that offer services for free is because the services offered are needed by you, r you like, or whatever, but the price you pay is your comments, your data, your pictures, …. every thing you upload or write doesn’t belog to you anymore!

The content is the king

From several years until now, there is one company that rules Internet: Google. Their rules moves Internet, and the first one for every Internet business is content. Generating content for a web, or blog, or social network has a cost in time (and money), and if you don’t do it, someone has to do it for you. I am not an export in SEO, but every person that has a blog or web will be delight if their users comment something, or has referal webs, … the content is really important. And once you upload a picture, or write a comment, the content now belongs to the owner of the Internet site.

The death of a social network

A few days ago, some one notice that fotolog, a social network for photographers has die, and users were shocked by this. Well, my dear reader, you must know (or at least, you should be concionus) that every thing you upload to Internet is replicated in several servers in a few minutos, and the oenwe of this data is where the servers are..

The fotolog case is a warning for you, becuase if a web is down, it will be almost impossible for you to recover the information (that you generated).

Although the information were generated by you, and legally speaking it should be this way, it the company closed, it will be really difficult to recover what you generated. It can be wierd that s social network can be down (I mean, the service will nor be available any more), but it can occur.

In this case, although you trust the cloud, you must always have a backup of your files in your local drive, because, you never know!

What if Facebook disapear?

The main social network on Internet is Facebook, and now, imagine that Facebook’s servers go down. More that one realice that you have been feeding with data to a company, and now, it dissapears and you don’t have access to this service any more (and in this case, this services are free!, but it can happend with a paid service!). I bet is almost impossible that Facebook shut down their business, because it is quite profitable, a marketing service which first statement is meet your users. But the mayority of Facebook’s users are not concious of all that is happening in the back-end with theis data.



Machine learning algorithms for text, image and video are applied, also statistics, databases, and a los of new technology is the back-end of Facebook in order to meet its first statement: meet your users. And believe me, that they accomplish their statement, because they know really well to their users, what they like and don’t, their friends, …. and what they do with all this data is marketing, abd it’s very profitable!

And, if it’s Google?

You must apply the same rules: Google is a very profitable company that is based on data. Their business is marketing, and while this states continues, it doesn’t dissapear. One little difference between Facebook and Google is that Google has several services for their users for free, and this services generated the data they need.

To end with, a brief resumen:

Think seriously what you upload or comment or write on Internet, where it goes and, first of all, you must assume that data doesn’t belog to you anymore, although you generate them.

Have a nice day!

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