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Google, the guardian of data



Speaking of Google is talking about company who makes the rules of the Internet.” Not because it is its mission, but because it is the one who decides what is known and what is not. Until this state, the giant Google has built his legend” based on the data storage, further analysis and its value.

For writting this entrance, I have seen the vast majority of YouTube videos about Google, the beginnings, how Google works, philosophy, …. but the truth is that what feeds Google is data.

The begining of Google: search engine

 As other mythical tech startups, either you start in a garege or it won’t have any interest. And of course, Google began its development into one, by two university students, with the implementation of an idea that they developed gradually, which was growing, growing, growing, ….. to what it is today.

The beginning weren’t easy, but the main point here is:

if you want to change the world, you must do something different

And that’s what that do, and the fact that Google is one company that settle down Internet rules, what it is shown and what is is not.

You’ll be surprised to know that Google search engine was tried to be selled to such powerful companies like Microsoft or Yahoo (now about to disappear), including many other they do not care, did not believe in its performance. But again, the reality was different: the engine was launched at a university, and gradually it got better as they tried to get investors. Investments obtained were initially devoted entirely to storage, since Internet to order, it had to study how it worked, and for that needed storage.

Today, Google’s datacenters are super modern buildings, distributed around the world, really well designed in all aspect: energy, environment, logistic, …Unfortunately, it is not known exactly how many there are or where they are not, since Google is among the few companies that can set conditions when you sit down to negotiate with governments.

Creating new technology

Google is a tecnology company, and in order to grow up, the need to create new technology to subsist. In fact, much of its success is based on innovative technologies with one thing in common: data collection.

The fact of “solving” the problem of server’s distribution always offering service, which are distributed around the world and the storage of all kind of data has enabled the Big Data become a reality. Thus, the most important softwares on this have been issued by Google, and also with open license (open source). What seemed impossible regarding data processing is now a reality. In this blog we have written many posts about what to do with Big Data, what features it has technology that enables Big Data, etc, etc …. all thanks to Google.

Gmail, Google Reader, Google +, Android, YouTube, Google maps, Google Earth … are services from Google that have changed several sectors. But, isn’t it surprising that a marketing company know before a government is picking up where flu cases in the world? This is the idea behind Google Flu.

 Other technologies have not yet succeeded, such as Google Glass, or have not had the expected success (Google Wave), or have bothered, case of Google News.

My relationship with Google

There will be more entrance related to Google company, the almighty search engine, but during all years I am using Internet, Google has been one of my favorite companies, and my favorite search engine. Why? Because the do the things right!

I was once in a Googler talk, and the speaker said:

Google does a few things, but those are really well done!

And he was right! Until relatively recently, I was a defender of everything Google did, because of that. However, there was a turning point: Google Reader. By the time the service ceased to exist, I thought it could not rely so heavily on a company to all contacts, search, information, …. 

The had (and still do) ALL my data, and maybe yours too!

But I haven’t found a decent alternative. Pero no encuentro una mejor alternativa. Cade vez que cambio de teléfono móvil, no sabes la tranquilidad que supone acceder a tu cuenta de gmail, y tener todo disponible!! Pero recuerda, que no son tuyos, aunque tú los hayas generado.

My data, are also Google’s data

Google offers services that are very good, and a few of them, have no possible alternative (and sometimes if someone can eat them in the field, just pulling wallet, as happened with YouTube). And to make use of these services, I, user, I need to enter the data, because I need it (also Google).

In exchange, the Internet search engine knows perfectly who is sitting behind each keyboard and what it has to offer to everyone. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and more … …. behind the best marketing company in the world!

In another post mention why Google has been so successful, how it influences what Google decides, and even that point that Google is part of our lives from morning until we go to bed!

Have a nice day!

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