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Python Tools for Visual Studio


It is time to try what Microsoft has for coding in Python, and the option is Python Tools for Visual Studio, an add-on you can install in their development software Visual Studio. Because I have not installed it, there is an specific version for those who don’t have it (you can get more information here:

Installing PTVS

Once I finined download almost 200 Mb, I start to install PTVS for Visual Studio 2013:

Instalando Python Tools for Visual Studio

Installing Python Tools for Visual Studio

You acept the terms and conditions, and the process begin to run, and after a while ….:

Instalando PTVS

Install PTVS

You’ll recibe the message that the installation is finished:

PTVS instalado

PTVS installed

So, let’s open Python Tools for Visual Studio:



Now, you can start working with this Microsoft IDE for Python. If you are used to work with Visual Studio, this option is really good, because you don’t have to learn how to use a new software.

PTVS, too far away from PyCharm

With no doubt, the most challenging IDE for me is PyCharm, and PTVS is one step behind. The fact that Visual Studio is focussed on the .NET environment menas that it cann’t be good for every language. Also, 200 Mb for a IDE while PyCharm are a bit less. The second position for me, and I use it whenever I need to write small scripts is PyScripter.

Happy coding!

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