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RapidScript, transform Python into Javascript


In this blog we have devoted many entrances to Python, and also, some to Javascript. We have also writen about several projects that end up compiled as Javascript, since it is not a simple language (in fact, it is the language I hate the most!), which has its peculiarities. Today is the turn for RapidScript, the pitonic Javascript.

RapidScript, combining Python to write Javascript

I discovered this project by chance, by reading one of those newsletter of which there are thousands of items. I entered on this article, and once I sqw the code … I knew I had to talk about it.

Python is a language that is characterized by being very clean, it is indented, not {}, it has many libraries to work, …. and is easy to learn.

Javascript is a language where everything is permitted and nothing is recommended. It is complex, cumbersome, has {}, and if it were not for jQuery, many have never learned Javascript at least, is my opinion and my case.

Although I have not tried it, I do believe that this clear syntax is essential to make “nice” Javascript Python developer.

Another alternative to TypeScript

No doubt, for now, the winner of languajes compiling to Javascript is TypeScript, because the father of the language is Microsoft, and because it is the standard that adopted Google for version 2 of AngularJS, and if Google is committed to TypeScript, is for something.

CoffeeScript is also another good alternative but it has not come to fruition in the web community. In fact, I have not proved beyond a few examples to test how they work.

RadipScript has a bright future because the idea is good: many pythonistas would love to keep writing and Python, but Javascript (at least I !!).  Hence the project to succeed, depends on many factors:

  • Make it easy, that it is easy
  • IDE available that facilitate writing code
  • Compilation tools that are good

From here, I put my bit for this project, hoping to unseat typescript, although it is very complicated. I hope that you are excited and try it, and tell me about it!

Happy coding!

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