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Windows 10, it seem the best, but it is not


I have tried in deep Windows 10, and … I am dissapointed. The new operating system has been sold as the best ever created by Microsoft, but I have the impression that it is not, and here you can read my experience with it, where you can see that I have invested too much hours.

If you are installing Windows 10, do not be in a harry, because it takes time (too much)!

I few months ago, in a new laptop, I had a brilliant idea: reset it to default, and it took in several hours showing this script … until it comes back yo life!

A friend of mine decided to restore from a back up, and it was working for more that 24 hours. So, make yourself confortable and be in a hurry!

reiniciando win10

restarting Win10

But , is the best, isn’t it?

I can’t imagen a Linux distro that takes 4 or 5 hours for installing it, even if you have a very fast computer. If this happend with a laptop bought in November 2015, how much it will take in a older one?

I decided to reset the laptop because I thought I have strange behaviours, such us not letting me writting a text file on a USB, or reading files took too long. Anyway, after 4 hours of installing the OS, a new concept appear for me:

After another long period of time, the process finished, and begin a new one: optimization.

Improve the performance

I have spent quite some time in setting up Windows and I needed to visit so many webpages and read a lot until I have don it! After that, I mange to avoid too much consume of resources, unistall no needed software, and several more tasks!.

Maybe, if you are not a skilled user, you never would do it, and later on, you would argue if it is slow, too much resources consumption, … I got a cool clue reading this entrance in order to access key combination to several cool functions.

There is something I hate with new computer: too much innecesary software. So, I manage to unistall several of them such us Evernote, antivirus, Dropbox 25 GB, games WildTangent, …. This is too much work to do that it takes time, space and who know what else!

Also, it is good to know for you what this entrance said related to disk units. If you need to have the Search option in the context menu, let follow these steps. Or maybe you can customize even more following more steps, accessing the registry.

I meet too much unknown things related to Windows 10 thanks to gthis brilliant entrance.

With no doubt,  please read this entrance related to cleaners:, because too much of this work can do it with tools included in the operating system. But if you like, you can even automatize theses tasks: (it works for Windows XP, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Read answer #3 from here if you want to know all task available for free in your own OS.

I did more actions to Win 10 I read here: reduce notifications, informative notes from Windows, and dinamic color.

I was susprised until recent that Microsoft decided (not users) where apps are installed: Take your time an read the article because the user is the best for distributing space on their own machine!

Also, watch this video:

Run a script to help with the task of cleaning Windows 10

with no doubt, this entrance is really interesting:, with 300 lines of PowerShell code to do the task.

After that I guessed why I have spent so much time reseting the machine!

If you need to set up Windows 10 right, don’t be in a harry!

I an not the only one reporting this, and you can avoid some time by using this tool: . Please, BE CAREFUL, and read this before going on:

Have a nice day!

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