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Windows 10, yes or yes

reiniciando win10

I am reading this days that Microsoft is forcing to update their operating systems Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to version 10 automaticaly, with no permission of user. this way of preceeding should worried you. As a friend of mine said: this must be done whether you like or not, because there is no way out but update to Windows 10!.

Windows 10, el perfect imperfect

A few weeks ago I wrote how I reinstalled Windows 10 on a computer that already has Windows 10, the slow of the process and all you have to do in order to set up your computer and optimize it, avoiding all span apps included on it.

One way of disabling this forced updated is by reading and using this: This app is designed to verify whether of not your computer is ready for the automatic (and silent) update.

In my opinion, Microsoft’s strategy is really dangerous:

Can you imagine your brand car forcing you to change to a new car because they don’t support your model any more?

Microsoft have been, is and will be a basic piece in the informatic world, but this behaviour can be risky, and in my case, I will try to avoid Microsoft products.

I already abandoned Microsoft’s programming languages (forced by them, of course), and I found Python as a cool replacement. In my company, we are moving from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice, and now, I don’t even use any Microsft IDE for programming.

If Microsoft want to reconquest developers, a basic key in the computer world, they must put the batteries on, because there are several open source tools that people are using more and more, avoiding the user to force nothing: anyone is free to follow their way!

I guess Microsoft is watching how companies that a few years ago were very small are developing best technologies, some times with risky decisions. It is true that Microsoft has to assume some bad decisions, such as the movile operating systems, the death of VBA and Visual Basic, … and maybe, this has force Microsoft to use this (bad) strategy related to operating systems.

This entrance is a warning for every body. I already wrote my experience on this blog!

Have a nice day!

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