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Cibersecurity MUST be a serious task


Maybe, you are one of the persons that thinks that cybersecurity is not important, or it is not an issua related to you, or they are friek stories. I also thought that until I went to Congress #Qurtube Security Congress in Córdoba. Thanks to the talks, I discovered that it is much more important than we imagine, and that is even closer of what we think.

Sequestering the computer system of a hospital

The final push to write this entrance has been the following news: hackers are demanding 3.6 million dollars for an attack on a hospital in Los Angeles. It is a fact that occurred on February 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, with much of the disabled systems, computers off risk of contagion, and back to pen and paper. The news does not disclose details of the case, but the fact of not having access to computer systems is a very serious problem for an “enterprise” software needs for its routine functioning: from dating, to know the history, ….

In a post I talked about Diraya (in spanish. Diraya is the name of the software that manage all medical records of Andalucia, where I live), the global computer system in Andalusia. And what if it happened that in my hospital? Imagine that your doctor does not have access to medical records, and can not make the best diagnosis for lack of data. Catastrophe!!!!

Surely, many system administrators are aware of the importance of their work, and how to keep abreast of security issues is vital for many companies, large and small.


Security holes are not a joke. They exists, either because the developers have not thought of, or because the code has not covered everything that it should, or for having committed errors (bugs) in the code, which are used by thieves.

The maximum exponent of computer lock is ramsonware, which encrypts all files in the system. If you want to see your data: either pay the ransom (knowing that you can even lose information), or you are patient, you rescue your last backup, and clean systems.

A few months ago, I received a phone call from a known because a small business had suffered ramsonware, and if he could help. How to know the subject, I could do nothing but recommend to rescue the last backup (undone, of course!).


Another key aspect of the computer issue is the backup. I think it’s essential that everyone who works (even for your home) with computers have their own backup policy, especially if your work is important and depends on informatics.

I have worked in this regard to apply myself to myself the story, and today, I think I managed to have a mechanism to maintain backup data with which I work.

I’m not the only one concerned about this. A few days ago, I went to the pharmacy to frequent, and workers who care were talking about the things they had to do before concluding the day to make the backup.

Computer security depends on you, both with common sense, as implementing active backup policies, so you know what you expose yourself if you do not take precautions!

Greetings and good day!

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