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Yahoo is dead


A few days ago I read a sad for the world of Internet news, and is the “death” of Yahoo, the famous Internet directory, how many other companies, has failed to evolve as it has become obsolete, dragging losses millions of dollars, and supiendo not fit with what is now demand on the Internet.
Yahoo, pioneer

Since I plunged almost for the first time on the Internet, Yahoo was almost the first thing I remember, and that still remains (even have an e-mail active yahoo !!), although it seems that for a short time.

Giant with feet of clay

Yahoo’s disappearance makes clear that

All companies are likely to be doomed to disappear for mismanagement, by bad decisions, or not updated.

In recent times, it is very normal to see you overwhelmed by your competition if no bets seriously by technology (I hope this also read my bosses !!), and bet on technology requires resources and continuing education on current and future technologies ( not last!).

I’m surprised you even having bought many start-ups, has failed to capitalize on these acquisitions. But the reality is that what if a company ceases to have visitors? I myself am not able to find out when was the last time I entered the site, already quite some time. It is that, now that I think, Yahoo does not bring me anything in my day to day what might need:

  • It has a powerful search engine (I think that relies on Google, and Bing was before)
  • The manager email is not the best
  • Flik

In short, do not bet on technology it has gone very expensive this giant (ex-Giant) technology, and has not been able to focus on one thing, like you have done Facebook, Twitter, Google … or worse , dependent on others.

Have a nice day!

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