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Angular 2.0 is here

Perhaps it is one of the great frameworks that I have not tried much, but I’m on the trail. For months now I spoke of the version of the web according to Google, and it was AngularJS.

AngularJS, consolidated project

Although several years ago that the project is underway, we can say that is more than consolidated, and the commitment of many web developers by AngularJS proves it. For several weeks, it is available version 2.0 of the popular framework, and comes with many new features:


The bet by mobile development becomes a priority, because the reality is that Internet consumption by smartphones and tablets continues to grow, compared to PC, and … must also develop thinking on these devices.


Within AngularJS there is a heart composed of several modules, of which many have been rewritten again, and others have been eliminated with the intent to improve performance.


if anything can be characterized AngularJS, it is because it is modern, and will remain. AngularJS 2.0 is designed to EmacScript 6, the most powerful and modern version Javascript, and therefore intended for those browsers that are committed to this technology, always with an eye on the best performance.

If you are interested in details about the major changes in AngularJS 2.0, here I leave this post

Google and Microsoft, hand in hand with AngularJS

If there is another important development regarding AngularJS 2.0, is that both Google and Microsoft itself have been put to work hand in hand to bet on Angle and typescript (Microsoft’s bid for the language of surrogate browser Javascript). I must admit that if I already, hard to work with Javascript, and have not had much time to devote to CoffeeScript, imagine a language developed by Microsoft (now that I’m pulling away from everything that comes from Redmon, and if not, read my reviews of operating systems, and C # and the .NET platform).

However, I was surprised to read this report in the blog MSDN Microsoft, which confirm the union with Google: .aspx. And it AngularJS 2.0 has been written in typescript (should not be so bad language when Google has bet on it, in such a promising library as AngularJS). The fundamental reason is that typescript has invested heavily in SS6, and will continue to do.

Actually, typescript is but a language whose compilation produces Javascript, but … affordable. In this blog we have written a few entries on typescript, and basically is in the language where I do my development for the web instead of with Javascript (it seems to me the most difficult language in the world). Javascript me a Googler defined as “that language where everything is permitted but nothing is recommended.” The amazing thing is that Javascript has won the battle in the commitment to the Web, compared to any other competitor.

To end with, a totorial for learning TypeScript and Angular2.

Happy coding!

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