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A reflection related to TypeScript


Today it’s a little reflection on TypeScript, a language that is allowing me to see Javascript with other eyes, that makes you the easiest to write code, and above all, that has classes, and resemble those of Python. But above all, it is essential to use typescript IDE.

IDEs for typescript

On the road traveled so far with this language, I had to balance work with Visual Studio or do it with another editor. For now, I’m trying to CATS, but I have also installed Visual Studio after 2 hours downloading things:

Do we really need an IDE almost 8 Gigas to schedule?

The videos of the course I have followed and demos are very focused on how to do things with Visual Studio, and it seems easy and enjoyable (yes, but previously you had to be 2 hours downloading and installing things !!). If it’s not in recent months I give much value to the issue of portability of software, but I think many requirements disproportionate do we work with Javascript (in the background) ?.

When I speak of is not Visual Studio IDE, but can also serve Sublime Text, Atom or brackets, which are very powerful text editors to facilitate software development.

Classes and Python

Despite the {} for all, I like the style classes typescript, which does not differ much from what is done in Python, and that makes things easier.
Reflections on typescript

The truth is that I am quite entertaining with typescript, learning a lot and above all that can be programmed to the web in a language that is not Javascript, with a more similar to what I normally do in Python or Visual Basic (or even C # structure, I also spent a year learning).

I found it particularly difficult to have a template that fits my needs (basically, set against databases) because RequireJS has brought me a challenge (examples are simple, while the reality … not so much) , integrated with jQuery and Bootstrap has not found it easy, but in return, I managed to learn a lot, in addition to the template that will save me many hours of work for the future.
No turning back: I’ll take typescript

That said, typescript is present with me even for smaller projects or examples, because in a language as open as Javascript where everything is permitted but nothing is recommended, a little stiffness comes in handy.

Happy coding!

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