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Hacker’s attacks: Olimpic games


New entrance of hacker’s attacks, and one of the events affected has been the Olympic games. For this entrance, a hacker attack done by a russian group to the world anti-doping agency (WADA), and publising that several sport players of different disciplines had been “cheating”. The fact that private records has been published showed up that some players had used doping sustances under medical supervision, approved by the WADA. The truth is that if WADA accept the Therapeutic Use Exemptions, there is no cheating. That’s what happend in all cases showe up.

A few things are known related to the hacker’s group, but this time it appears as “transparency is not always needed”, because one thing is what public see, and another different is reality (they don’t even has to met). The attack wouldn’t be so damn if it weren’t becuase of the names published: Serena Williams, her sister Venus, or Simone Biles (the olympic gimnastic revelation at #Rio), or Elena Delle Donne (basketball player). They are the best is their disciplines.

There is a curiosity: the first published names are all from the United States, and maybe there is a war because the hacker’s group is from Russia, and in behind, there is some revenge becuase several russian sportmen were privated of going to the Olympic games at Rio because of doping. In new revelations, there are also important names such as Rafael Nadal, Mirella Belmonte, ….

Hacking Twitter’s accounts

On a different place, during the previous weeks there has been several news related to hacking Twitter’s account of very important people, such us Mark Zukerberg (because of an easy password). But it wan’t the only one.

Dropbox y LinkedIn hacked

A few days ago, I received an email where I have an invitation to change my Dropbox password. As you can imagine, the reason was that the database was stolen, with all the data: 86 millions accounts!! What a nice information for every marketing company!

LinkedIn also has been hacked, and in my opinion, the fact of hacking a social network of such importance is a warning for all of you, because in this network there is precious and valuable information: address, telephone numbers, contects, … So, I changed my password and you should too. If I were you, I would activate every two factor authentication in every site that is available.

Prevention is the key

Although Internet companies have large security policies, there is (almost) always a secirity hole, as you can see what happend in previous weeks. The best advice I give you today is:

Use a password manager with long secure and complex password for different sites.

I am pretty sure you don’t follow my advice, but as I always write in this hacker’s attacks series: you are warned!

By the way, Yahoo has suffered also a “nice” hacked, with 500 millions accounts emails and passwords, so, if you log in, you will be forced to change your password. A remedy for the attack!

Have a nice day!

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