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Challenges for 2017


Happy christmas and a happy new year 2017!!!!

It seems like it was yesterday when I wrote challenges for 2016, but the year is ending, so let’s see what I have done, and how was the challenge for 2016.

Challenges done in 2016

No doubt, 2016 has been a year where I have written a lot about privacy and data, I try to show to my readers how important is their data, and the consecuences of it. Big Internet companies have no doubt of doing everything for getting data.

I also wrote about hacking and attacks and their consecuences. Of course, I had a few experiences with Windows 10 (an OS that is not one of my favorites).

I also have tried new tools, such as Atom, or RapidScript, and you could have read about HTML and TypeScript. Python is another ingredient of this blog.

I also wrote about Common_schema, a MySQL framework, and also you could read of a vital aspect of databases: índexes.

Challenges for 2017

I will keep on writting about data and privacy. I promise more entrances related to databases and SQLite, and I promise to write about Linux, because trying a distro that fit your hardware can make you feel good, and during last years, Linux desktops have improved a lot!

I will keep on reviews new tools, writting about HTML and TypeScript, and of course Python (why not give a try to Django?).

Let’s read us on 2017!

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