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Cliqz, a browser that used to control privacity

Firefox OS

This browser, cliqz, is not available any more:

If you are worried for wour privacity and you keep on going with Chrome or Firefox, today’s entrnace is dedicated to a new alternative named Cliqz, a browser based on Firefox, who’s main feature is:

my data belongs to me

Yes, I have written several times related to privacity such as I warned you, data is not yours although you create them, or all for the privacy but with no privacy (in spanish).

I had no doubt: knowing the existence of this browser made me feel good becuase there is al least sone one that understand privacity must be from the user and not everything is valid. I share my data to who I want, and not because they stole it. That’s my vision.

Cliqz, a browser for privacity

The first you must do when installing this browser is to choose the options you only need.



In my case, when I enter in to options:



If you are in Win 7 or best, maybe you need to be Admin, but I installed it even not being Admin 😉

And … you’re done!



Everything is ready to go:



After the installation process, one question you need to reply is if you want to transfer all data from another browser to cliqz, and with a single click you will have everything: passwords, historial, marks, …

Let’s go further, and netx, go to security oprions:



Yuo may notice that is it more prepared for passwords and hidden services than Firefox:



If you install Ghostery (you should!!), it is better if you configure with the right options for you. I also recommend you to read about trackers and how they gather information when browsing. As I always said: metadata is even more important that data.



The effect of this plugin is, when browing, you can notice all data that you’re sending:



The effect of Ghostery is briliant:

ejemplo con Ghostcery

example with Ghostcery

The same web page without Ghostery:

ejemplo sin ghostcery

example without ghostcery

LastPass is a service for saving passwords, and I never used before. It doesn’t work only with passwords but also, it can save form data, you can add notes, …. everything in one place.

After several days using this browser, I must say that you cannot add plugins because almost all of them collect user data, and you have only available those accepted by the project. Those plugins include a cool one for downloading videos!

And, that’s all for now, because the intentions of this browsers were high but now it’s a dead project!

Happy coding!

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