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Export your data from Endomondo


endomondo I started to run for more than two years now, once or twice a week, and although at the beginning I didn’t use any app for register my activities, I began to do ir with Endomondo app, the app that I like the most for that, and specially for their statistics. Now I don’t use it for registering my activity because I am now using a GPS watch. Although Endomondo is a great app, maybe you are interested in collecting your data.

I remark your data because you should verify the privacity options for that app, after what I could read here ,and also, because I wrote already an entrance about who data belongs to.

Export your data from Endomondo by using Python

As always, Python at rescue. Yes, that’s the option I use for exporting all your data from Endomondo. I did a search on GitHub and I found a project endomondo-export that it is working really good.

Here you can read the code running.

The script is very easy to use: just write your credentials, spacify how many last practices to import (if you write anything, all practices will be exported), and you’ll have your .tcx files under a subdir, also created by the script.

As you can see, no problems, and your data will be safe in minutes.

My own version of Endomondo Export

Based on that repository, I modify that version and create my own one ( because:

  • I don’t want to write my credentials every time I run the script
  • I want to add a proxy option

For doing that, it is neccesary to include a file called “endomondo_data.txt” where you write your credentials, and as an option, the proxy details (of course, before using the proxy, it checks if it is needed or not. Once the file is read, you only need to respond how many activities you want to be downloaded. As easy as that!

Route visualization

The second part is … what can I do with my export data. With a bit of luck, I found that website, where there is a code to show your routes just by “drag & drop” your .tcx files. I also download the code, also available on GitHub and I modify a few lines of the Javascript code, in order to add “pan” functionality once loaded the file.

Of course, there are other things you can do with your data and your .tcx files, but that’s material for a future entrance.

I update the entrance, because is you are a FitBit user, follow this entrance if you want to get your data saved.

Keep on coding … and running!

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