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My configuration for


This is not the first time I write about text editors, but a few months ago I started to used and I also try both in Windows and Linux and I am satisfied with it (I also tried Brackets (in spanish)). Today I want to share with my readers the configuration I have for Atom, the plugins I use, and to end with, I wrote a script with everything I use that I’ve been updating during this time: just run and have fun!! is not a new editor, it is a reference for thousands of developers, built by the people from GitHub (you can guess that they know what’s development is about!!). I chose Atom because I can have lots of tools that I normally use, for working with TypeScript or HTML5, or event working with Python without using PyCharm.

NotePad++ improved

For me, Notepad++ is another fixed editor in my toolbox because of its versatility for workinig with different languages: bat, python, javascript, typescript, css, typescript, html5, asp clásico (yes, I still use this language for the server).

The file comparision tool is very powerful in Notepad++, but I had some troubles with it when working with 64 bits, because there are some important differences between the 32 and 64 versions of Notepad++. It is wierd, but I found that there is no plugin manager on the 64 bits version, and that’s a reason to move to Atom: the plugins are not working as expected!

My script for Atom

There is no doubt that accesing atom by using the command line is very attractive idea, because it makes easy to install plugins and themes, and automatiza all this tasks. Now I have to prepare a Windows virtual machine, I wrote this entrance, and here is the script I use for installing plugins on Atom.

rem Version 1.7 - Configuración de Atom ... @manejandodatos - 20170424
rem Configurando Proxy .....
rem Instalando paquetes de ...

apm install linter
apm install linter-ui-default
apm install busy-signal, intentions
apm install linter-flake8
apm install Atom-Typescript
apm install pigments
apm install color-picker
apm install qolor
apm install file-icons
apm install emmet
apm install improved-asp-html
apm install formatter
apm install atom-formatter-jsbeautify
apm install atom-handlebars
apm install filesize
apm install todo-show
apm install prettier-atom
apm install tree-ignore
rem Instala Sintax Theme
apm install monday-syntax
apm install ariake-dark-syntax
apm install template-generator
apm install terminal-plus
apm install atom-bootrstrap4
apm install split-diff
apm install minimap-split-diff

rem ### Solo si tiene instalado GitHub
rem apm install local-server-express
rem apm install linter-js-standard
rem apm install linter-eslint

As you can verify with the names of the plugins, is my editor when working with HTML, CSS and TypeScript, and there is a lot of plugins to increase functionality. I also encaurage you to install other plugins that I found very interesting like tree-ignore (all files and dirs included in .atomignore file won’t be shoed in the file tree).

If you use bootstrap, there are a few plugins you must use. I use atom-bootstrap4, but you can move to version 3 as well.

I am not a fan of trying several themes, but I feel confortable working with black themes, and the one I am using is Atom-dark for sintax and for UI.

If you like minimaps, they are not installed by default, but I find them useful, so, I include the plugin as well.

I am still learning how to use it, but template-generator is a useful tool for inserting code, and emmet is brilliant for working with HTML5 (I think it is basic plugin!!).

I also include a few plugins as a comment because some of them requires GitHub install. You can use local-server-express, a local server that I have seem recommended in several places, and also, if you work with Python, I encaourage you to read this entrance.

So, I hope with this information you can have a cool toolbox for working with Atom, and happy coding!!

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