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Octanox, my first criptocurrency


octanox_logoI have already spoken in several previous posts of the cryptocurrencies, and today I tell you how I have become the holder of my first virtual coins, courtesy of a “colleague”. Specifically, I have some Octanox.


Well, I am very happy because I own a few Octanox. For that, I opened an account with a Wallet at Octanox.

wallet octanox

wallet octanox

The registration process is quite simple, in 1 minute or so, you are already registered. The next thing is, if you want to enter the 2FA (second authentication factor) using Google Authenticator app, which if you’ve invested a lot, is recommended.

Once inside, you have your purse ready to receive and send Otcanox (OTX).

Octanox Wallet Dashboard

Octanox Wallet Dashboard

As we said in the first entry, you can follow the quote of this currency on

If anyone wants to donate Octanox, here is my address:


Let’s hope that as time goes on, it will reach even a tenth of where BitCoin has reached.

In the dashboard, when using the Send Octanox options, it is very easy: address and amount:

enviar octanox

enviar octanox

What to wait from Octanox

At the moment, we just have to wait, because it is a currency that is being forged, but which has an excellent community behind it, not only internationally, but is also very much supported by the Spanish community, which I personally trust.

I suppose that the triumph of a coin in the digital world means that it “contributes” something to what there is, something that Bitcoin was once a pioneer. The” struggle” for success is bestial, and the fact that “many people see a cryptomoney as a form of payment is essential”, if not, your investment will be in nothing.

For the moment, I’m staying the way I am, but there is really so much to invest in this world, that having good vision (and maybe some luck) is fundamental to have a good return, and not everything is Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Well, I’m waiting for your donations of Octanox here: 3P5UXYjfamYwJ9vuwLm6wTHtbuQEEAoFb5c

A year later ….

Octanox’s price is 0.00067 $ ….

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