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Giving life to an old laptop. Recalbox – Part 2

In the previous post about Recalbox I told you about the process of creating a USB to put an old laptop to good use. Of course, if you do not have an old laptop, you have 2 alternatives: or you get a super cheap second-hand one, that surely there are people who have it stored in the attic of the house or in a storage room accumulating dust, or you buy a Raspberry , which are mini computers prepared «for modern life», with their USB ports, their Wifi, they are compact, and there are very cool kits that also take up very little space.

The first boot of Recalbox

My recommendation for the first start is that you opt for the verbose option, which is the one that shows the code of what you are doing while booting. The reason is because, in addition, the first time it starts, the system is installed on the USB until the definitive commissioning of Recalbox (the second and subsequent ones, the boot is much faster).

Booting Recalbox

Without a doubt, before continuing, you should know that the letters A and S are basic for the menu operation, in addition to the cursor, in case you do not have any command available.


I find it surprising that, even with an old hardware, you plug a PlayStation controller through its USB cable, and recognize it perfectly, which allows you to enjoy all the games with a controller, just as it is done with a console.

If you are even a handyman, you can make it yourself, because they sell kits prepared for it (it is not my case, although it is what is cooler!).

Grub incompatible licence

During my first attemps Durante mis primeras pruebas, todo fue sobre la seda, pero tras varios intentos, recibí un mensaje preocupante:

Welcome to grub. Incompatible Licence

Grub incompatible licence

The solution to this error was quite drastic because after several tests, the USB I used was in poor condition, and ended up in the trash. Diving online, the only possible solution I found on the Internet was this, and it didn’t give me time to run : The option is to create an USB with the distribution boot-repair.

Configuring Recalbox to get all the power

As I mentioned in the previous post, there are not many games in the image downloaded from the default site, so the best way to continue is to configure the Wi-Fi or the network.

In addition, it is important that as soon as you start the system for the first time, select the language change (and restart), and it will also be important to configure the network, either via Wi-Fi or cable to access the Internet. This detail is important because we will need to load games that we have available to the system.

The recalbox itself has a small web server, accessible from any computer that shares a network, and that will be the most viable option to load new games. To locate games, there are multiple options, but the most practical thing is to download some ISO recalbox list prepared for Raspberry, and you will find it without problems in the search engines.

We have not yet talked about another strong point of Recalbox, which is Kodi, and that I am still knowing to get the most out of multimedia, because at the gaming level, I am quite entertaining.

Happy coding and have fun!

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