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Visual Studio Code: essential editor


From time to time, it is good not to accommodate what you know and you have to leave the comfort zone. This is my case with text editors, who have always worked a lot with Notepad ++, but for certain things, I found it insufficient. Atom was a good test, especially since lately I have been developing with TypeScript 2.x, and CATS 2.x in my day to day. It doesn’t work very well on Windows 7. And now, I venture to know if Visual Studio Code does I have to have also at my disposal.

My experience with atom is brilliant

The truth is that I have written several entries about Atom, because I think it is a great tool, very well designed, very well programmed despite some crashes, and with the necessary plugins, it is vital for my work, especially with TypeScript. I’ve tried both Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu and Lubuntu: brilliant experience!

I recognize that I can still be much more productive with Atom, especially after knowing the Snippets (to make the development faster by using certain words and preparing code already predefined by the user). I have been working hard, updating the plugins, and incorporating new ones according to the different needs that I have been having.

And I must admit that I have not lacked anything, but it has been necessary to invest time in knowing advanced features!

The investment of time in knowing advanced functionalities of software tools facilitates the life of the developer!

Trying Visual Studio Code

However, trying to find solutions for several queries related to TypeScript, many people who respond write that they use Visual Studio Code, so … if the tool is designed by Microsoft, for a Microsoft product (becau I have been avoiding Microsoft products for many years since they ‘killed’ VBA, although some I can’t, hehe heh !!).

With the idea of migrating Visual Studio Code to other machines where I normally develop, I have downloaded the version that does not need any installation: having the directory where it is located is well located, it is more than enough to port the VSC status to other computers, without I’m missing nothing and without having to reinstall anything!

The first thing that surprises is the initial disposition so that you know what you have in hand: many introduction videos at your disposal, how to do the setup and tuning of the application, the customization (this is very important, to satisfy even the more demanding!), link with Git, create extensions, adjust development environments for different languages, …

In my specific case, I used this entry to perfect my VSC environment and prepare it to work with TypeScript, and also this video.

Now, you can read how I get a better performance of this editor.

Happy coding!

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