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VueSchool: starting with VueJS


Although in this blog I have published a lot about VueJS, by the way, entrances that you must read, maybe you are the one that prefer to visit a website where you can follow a VueJS course. One really useful option is, because you have from basic yo advanced courses, some of the even free.

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Preparing the ground for VueJS version 3

Without a doubt, VueJS has been a new player in the front-end development game in addition to React y AngularJS. None of them convinced me as to how to proceed, but I was convinced by the philosophy. Of course, a different approach for the programmer. For me, VueJS was the one I liked the most in a first impression, and since first impressions are important, I ended up opting for it quickly (and that was the last one I met).

Soon, VueJS version 3 will arrive with important changes, especially in API. I’m still not very familiar with what’s coming, and looking for information, I decided to do some research on, which I present to you today.

By the way, AngularJS stable version is number 9, although when I wrote about it (in 2016), stable wae Angular 2, symptom of the process of growth and updating of this popular and powerful framework (and that to me, remains unconvinced).

VueJS fundamentals

If you have no idea about VueJS, the best thing you can do is watch the VueJS fundamentals course, where in a fast (less than 40 minutes in total) and very instructive way, you can see everything you can do with VueJS with a minimum of knowledge, acquiring the most basic fundamentals.

Also, This mini course include a part related to VueTools, the main tool for debugging with VueJS.

VueJS components fundamentals

I’m sure with 40 minutes you’ll get a good idea of how to work with VueJS and you’ll need more. The next course to recommend is VueJS Components fundamentals, which in just under an hour, tells you how to work with components. a hora, te cuenta cómo trabajar con componentes.

Keep on learning, and thank you very much for reading me.

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