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Zealdocs, offline documentation for your favorite languages


With this situation where I am locked up at home due to #Coronavirus, one spends more time than usual on the mobile phone and on social networks. And today, thanks to a group of Telegrams, I have discovered , a website where you can download offline documentation for up to 196 programming languages.

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And it all came about because in just a few days, from being freely on the streets, we were locked up. And it’s going to be long. And although right now communications are going well, an increase in traffic is expected, so being aware of server failures can be vital. In the case of the developers, having the documentation offline means accessing information without overloading the network a little more, so here I tell you my experience.

Multiplatform and portable

The first thing you must know about is that the app is available for all platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac, and it also has portable versions, in case you want to have it on an USB (my case).

Descargando la versión portable para Windows 64 de ZealDocs

I have decided that the portsable version on Windows is my choice, so I donwloaded and unzipped. Let’s run the app:

Adding languages

Once the program is running, you must click on DocSets in order to see what languages you can load.

Instalando lenguajes

Let’s move to the Available tab, where you have all languages. The first thing I search for is VueJS:

Descargando la ayuda de VueJS

Once finished, I download other languages I normally use in my developments, such as Python 3, MySQL, TypeScript, Javascript, ….

This is the way I have found trying to avoid accessing the Internet, freeing up the network from overload, and having the help available offline. In the previous image you can see some of the help I have been downloading.

I must admit that I really like this project, and also some of the documentation available, such us Font Awesome, or distinguish between Python 2 or Python 3, or even sevaral versions of the same framework. In my opinion, it is a really useful app.

Ayuda de Font Awesome

Enjoy, and happy coding!

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