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ManejandoMondo: a free Excel to replace Endomondo


Since a few months ago, Endomondo decided to close its app for #running, and it has left me with a my favorite app. So, today I present you my alternative, ManejandoMondo, created in Excel and VBA (and free) to obtain the aggregated statistics, a function that I loved and I was missing.

Drop me an email to or send me a MD on InstaGram and I will send it to you for free. Also, if you worth it, you can help to maintain this blog, and the app!

Endomondo closed the la app: looking for an alternative

Undoubtedly, Endomondo has been my reference app in the world of running, and in fact, here in the blog we already talked about how to export data to avoid data loss. Be sure to get your data before 31st March.


Bad news for fans of this app, my case, and a clear example of what happens when a social network or app decides to close. They have given several months to be able to download your data, which is appreciated (and I recommend).

The thing is that the company Under Armour, which manages Endomondo, also manages MapMyRun, and it seems that they have decided to focus on this second app, which I, personally, do not like, has fewer features, and also, they have put it on sale.

Endomondo is not as social as other alternatives, such as Strava, but it was well established in the running and cycling world, among others. What I liked the most is the possibility of having monthly and annual statistics, for different parameters, which have allowed me to set myself long-term challenges, and of course, to meet them.

I also didn’t have to worry about syncing the data from my sports watch to Endomondo, which synced itself, and fairly quickly..

What is ManejandoMondo? A free Excel file

So, in order to continue having the information and statistics that interest me so much, I had to turn to Excel (and for free) to have my own alternative to Endomondo, and that’s how ManejandoMondo was born.

It is in an early stage of development, more or less, version 0.2.x, still very green, but I have already achieved several things that I will explain in this post, and maybe in some additional ones.

I will accompany with another entry, where I will distrip the part of VBA scripts that I have been incorporating.

Sheet Start

It is the beginning of the excel, and although it has a lot of room for improvement, it allows you to select the first year for which the data starts (I have chosen 2019, since that is where I am uploading activities from).

Start de ManejandoMondo

I guess I will be adding more features in next versions.

The second option is Deporte (sport), which allows you to view data exclusively for the selected sport in another specific tab.: ResumenPorDeporte.

Sheet track, or the list of activities

This tab is the most important for ManejandoMondo, since it is where the data of the different activities will be uploaded.

Tracks Sheet

The data needed for each activity are:

  • Date
  • Type of Sport
  • Distance
  • Time spent
  • Calories
  • Best rhythm or Maximum pace, specially designed for running
  • Ascent
  • Descent
  • Heart rate Media
  • Heart Rate max

Many of these data are optional, such as heart rate or ascent-descent, but

the most important data are: date, type of sport, time and calories.

At the beginning, in version 0.1.x, the data was entered directly by hand in this tab, but it had a very important problem: it was slow, especially at the beginning if you want to enter several activities. So, that’s why we are in a more modern version.

Inserting new activities

To facilitate the task of entering activities, press Control+I to display the following form:

Form for inserting new activities

A form is available for entering activities, with the same data expected in the Track sheet, but including features to speed up the process. Of course, all done with VBA.

For the date, you must use the format day/month/year, but you have + and – buttons to switch to the next or previous day. The day is read directly from the sheet, from the last activity to speed up the process even more.

To peed the process, you can insert the rest of the data directly with the numeric keypad, always with dots, which will then be replaced by the corresponding data.

If the activity is missing, there is a New Type (Nuevo Tipo) button to insert it. If it appears, simply select from the list (required to insert new activity)..

Totales and ResumenPorDeporte sheets

As you fill in the data in the previous tab, you will start to see your statistics aggregated by month and yearly total, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Estadísticas agregadas por año

You also have another tab for the exclusive data of a type of activity, including graphs.

Solapas de Información de ManejandoMondo

The future of ManejandoMondo

Surely, the application that I present to you ManejandoMondo, this free Excel, is very improvable, and there will be changes in the next months, thanks to new needs that are generated, or to new suggestions that I receive. Since it is free, please feel free to ask me for it and I will send it to you, and let me know what you think.

So, do a lot of sport and check how you are doing, with this alternative to Endomondo.

PD: My goal for 2021 is to reach to 120.000 Calories in activities and up to 2.000 Km splited between 1.000 running and 1.000 of bike. So, what are your goals for 2021?

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