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You generate more data than you think

Los datos no son tuyos

In the world of #BigData, everyday users comment 3 underestimates regarding data generation, and that we will analyze in depth, and they are:

  • We generate a lot more data than one thinks every day
  • We underestimate the value of that data
  • We think that the NSA or the intelligence services of the countries are watching us

An important detail is that all the data you generate that I talk about in this post are from your real world, i.e., nothing from Internet browsing, i.e., they are related to real life (which is more digital than we think!).

We generate a lot of data every day

Here’s an example. Almost everyone has had a cell phone for a few years now (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a smartphone), and just the fact of having this device is a very important source of data for the telephone company, because every 5 minutes, the terminal is telling the antenna that provides coverage where it is located. Therefore, at all times, we are geolocated (for your phone company, of course!).

Phone companies are obliged to keep all the information of their customers between 6 months and 2 years, so, if every day you generate (1 data every 5 minutes (60 / 5) * 24 hours) a minimum of 288 data with your geolocation. Ok, it is not exact, but you are located in an area. Now, imagine that you are in a busy area, or in an airport, or in a train station, ….. They have you under control!

To that data, add the data generated by who you call, who calls you, what time everything happens, what day it is, what mobile data traffic you have (assuming you have data access), ….. Now, multiply all that data by each of the company’s users..

You disregard the value of your data

Now, I ask you, do you believe that this generated information has value? Surely, you will think that since it is only me, my generated information is worthless. WRONG!

The data, although you despise, are highly valued by countless companies, especially because it is not about one user, but hundreds, thousands, or even millions, and through the application of #BigData you can know a lot about the population. Obviously, behind that information there is an economic value, because those data are bought and sold!!!

Intelligence services are watching us

Possibly, this is so, but don’t you think that there are so many sources of information that we should believe that they are the only ones spying on us? Indeed, there are many who are watching you! Any record in the supermarket, in a store, the points card, …. are sources where you generate data and these legitimate companies are being supplied by your data. But in the vast majority of cases, you have “voluntarily” decided to offer this data!

What to do to protect privacy?

Possibly, after reading this entry you won’t change your habits … in the short term, but the next time you are forced to register your data in a store, maybe you will be interested in knowing the significance of your action, or when you receive offers or advertising, …… When you shop in a supermarket, the mere fact of adding products involves a lot of information about the behavior, uses and habits of your customers, and this means that the way to deal with problems is not based on assumptions or samples, but with real data obtained from your customers.

If you already generate data in your non-digital life, imagine the huge amount of data that is generated when you are surfing the Internet: your browser data, time, cookies, what you do, what website you visit, …. and all that data is worth money! And most seriously, a single company, Google, is the largest recipient of this data.

Greetings, and protect your privacy!

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