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Working with Big Data: What is #MapReduce

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Introduction to Big Data, course by Microsoft

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken courses, but with the advent of the New Year, I’ve ventured to follow the Microsoft Big Data Introduction course, offered from EdX (the platform chosen by Microsoft for its courses). The course is no longer available, but I will summarize what I have learned and what it has served me well. Data Throughout the life of this blog, there has been talk on many occasions about BigData, what it is, the actors, and I have even detailed the content of some course…read more

Privacy: everyone wants to know its users

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When you’ll finish of reading this entrance, and why your data (generated when using computers, tablets, smartphones, …) matters to lots of companies. Maybe you have thought: I am a user with no wierd actions, but why my data are important if I am not of interest of anyone? This thought is not only yours, although this is a normal thought of everybody I talk when the conversation is related to privacy, and the truth is that there exists several companies that are delighted of meeting people’s data, no matter…read more

Google, the guardian of data

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Speaking of Google is talking about “company who makes the rules of the Internet.” Not because it is its mission, but because it is the one who decides what is known and what is not. Until this state, the giant Google has built his “legend” based on the data storage, further analysis and its value. For writting this entrance, I have seen the vast majority of YouTube videos about Google, the beginnings, how Google works, philosophy, …. but the truth is that what feeds Google is data. The begining of…read more

Privacity: data are distributed and also, it is not yours!

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Let’s keep on learning about privacity, because recently there was an important news related to where the data is stored: Europe says is not valud to transfer personal data to USA servers. (the news is in spanish), and here you have the resolution. If you use #BigData, your data should be distributed The issue is serious, because when I wrote about #MapReduce to use #BigData, one of the features is distributed data, in order to work in paralell. Of course, big companies like Facebook, Google or Amazon have their data…read more