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Data generated by you doesn’t belong to you!

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Maybe the title of this entrance can sound wierd, but this is what happend in the real world of Internet. The data which you feed several webs you like, or social networks, … doesn’t belong to you (the property of that data is not yours), although this data has been generated by you. OK, I repeat again: data generated by you doesn’t belong to you. Of course, if you are a user of a social network o an internet company that offer services for free is because the services offered…read more

Lessons learnt after doing webscrapping

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Today it is time for lessons that I’ve learnt after finishing (successfully) a webscrapping to get all companies participans in #Fitur 2015, International Tourism Meeting (Feria Internacional del Turismo) in Spain, held every year in Madrid: the appointment for the turist sector. As a conclusion, I did it in near 3 days, and only using 160 lines of code. Only 160 lines? Yes, more or less. The coding time has been around 12 hours, plus 10-14 hours of processing, spread in a week or so!. Please, allow me not to…read more


Geospatial Intelligence, GEOINT

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Today’s entrance is related to an aspect of my skills I have to explore more, here in the blog: Geographical Information Systems. Definition Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT is an abbreviation) is defined by the intersection of the intelligence tradecraft, Geographic Science (GIScience), and Geographic Information Technology (GIT). As a discipline, GEOINT provides decision makers with insights about the ways in which people organize and arrange their activities on Earth’s surface. These insights can prevent surprises, leverage emerging opportunities, counteract threats, or provide time to adapt to a changing situation. GEOINT is…read more


What do data scientist do?

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Data scientist are profesional on maths and statistics, apart of programming, computer science and analitics. You can read more here. As you can read, a lot of requirements, but the skills allows to: Define questions to solve Establish the necesary data Establish the data available (data available and data needed can be differents!!) to solve the questions The real data available, and those available on worksheets, databases, on the web, … Clean the data, because not all data will be used Expliain the data analysis, also with representation of results…read more

More #BigData examples

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It’s time to new #BigData applications. How Big Data is used by the London’s Tube The first story is related to the London underground (you can read more here, and also in spanish: The main objective when applying #Big Data is to imrpove the knowledge related to tube’s users, trying to offering the a better and more personalize information. Everything starts when a new user is registered on their website and he/she introduces his(her email. If this data is also geolocated, clients will receive information only related to where…read more

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