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More about the taxi sector

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On the previour entrance I write about how the taxi sector should use their own data to improve the whole sector, improving the management, knowledge, the real time situation, …. trying to adjust the offer to the demand, make easy the process of taking decisions for individuals (taxis) and for the sector, optimizing resources. Today, it’s time to review some apps related to the taxi sector (at least, in Spain, where I live). Wannataxi This was the first app, and it’s still working: . You can read on the web,…read more

Business that don’t analyze data

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I received an email from my father recommending me to read this IBM news, where you can read how the spanish companies are starting to bet (adn use) #Big Data, because one big part of the revenue of IBM come from Big Data. I willl extrac a sentence I think is “key-value” in today’s business: … the first concern of CEOs is to satisfy the customer. “And to do that, we need to know them, and the technology [of data analysis] has much to contribute” Let’s analyze the sentence: Satisfy…read more

Course Big Data for Better Performance

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A few weeks ago, and thanks to Twitter, I met a new MOOC website who offered a new big Data course titled Big Data for better performance and here is the review of ths course. The first thing you must know is that there is a new version starting 15th September, so …. you can enroll to the course!! The course is given in a website called Open2Study, a MOOC website by University of Australia. Related to the course, it is focused mainly on marketing (no code!) and social media,…read more

3 Big Data problems related to persons

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I would like to expose 3 problems related to #BigData and people. The origin of this entrance is this article, published by a Big Data company, that it worth read it! As an extra, I also encaourage you to read this news where you can know more about Obama’s algorithm and how #BigData is affecting civil rights of citizens, and 99% are not aware of them. Restricted data On a previous entrance I wrote about companies that don’t store data have a serious problem about knowling thie business, but it…read more

HTML5, course, Big Data event and more

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A new entrance about courses, events, and … more! First of all, you need to check HTML5 for education in this link: It’s a kind of HTML manual, very extensive, and a good link to have close if you are newbie to web programming. Another good reommendation is Introduction to Databases. , a course, very popular, well organized and … at your pace. I like the videos, all very well explained. The weak point is that you need to be constant on the course because there is no…read more

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