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5 big data premises

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Under the definition Big Data, it’s implicit that we are dealing with high volume of data (or maybe not, if we’re dealing with small data). For the organizations, this aspect could become a special challenge if the data is distributed on the structure of the company. But it can be worst, for example, if the company has different data source, some of them with unstructured data. Here you have five premises of Big Data trying to answer this challange: Integrate high data volumes of transactional data and interaction. Trust your…read more

Using Big Data

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On this post I would like to collect three news about using Big Data. I already wrote about Obama and its electoral victory, but today, I am going to tell you more stories. Google is the Big Data reference The curiosity of this story is how Google use Big Data to improve their own company, how to deal with a problem and the solutions. Google realized that their employees (googlers) ate to much M&M’s (yes, this chocolate sweet every body like it). I guess a company like Google that “store…read more


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