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What is new in MySQL 8

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In the new series about upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB, I must write about what is new in MySQL 8. I must confess that I haven’t tried version 5.7 (I did with version 5.6). In the blog you also have the same series, but 5 years ago moving from 5.1 to 5.6.: Because MySQL 8 news are a lot, you can read an extensive article here about it, so here I highlight the more important in my opinion. They are: Support for UTF8 This is a big change,…read more

Basic databases concepts

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As a result of a question I received a few dais ago about basic database stuff, I realized that I’ve never written about basic database concepts on the blog, so, maybe a bit late, but I’m sure more than one reader can use a refresher on basic concepts. The fist one is table! Table It is a set of information that is related to each other. For example, in a table of provinces, the number of inhabitants living in each province is a type of information related to the name…read more

Visual Studio Code: essential editor

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From time to time, it is good not to accommodate what you know and you have to leave the comfort zone. This is my case with text editors, who have always worked a lot with Notepad ++, but for certain things, I found it insufficient. Atom was a good test, especially since lately I have been developing with TypeScript 2.x, and CATS 2.x in my day to day. It doesn’t work very well on Windows 7. And now, I venture to know if Visual Studio Code does I have to…read more

Modify COLLATE of all tables and columns in MySQL-MariaDB

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Working with the characters in the databases seems to have no consequences, until you come across things that do not match. In today’s post I tell you how to make it easier to change the COLLATE of the tables all to it. The reason for this entry The reason for this entry is that when making a query, it did not get the correct result. We reproduce what happened to me, and create a database, such that: CREATE DATABASE `test` /*!40100 COLLATE ‘utf8_general_ci’ */; so, let’s create a new table:…read more

SQLAlchemy, a Python ORM for databases

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I haven’t talked about Python for a long time, not because I don’t have things to tell, but because I’ve been focused on what I’ve already explained here, and I haven’t expanded on other fields. In today’s post, I present SQLAlchemy, a powerful Python library for working with relational databases. The basic concept is the antipode to what I have always done (I still have to rethink this new way of programming): The use of normal Python objects to represent database tables and query execution There are a number of…read more