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MariaDB 10.4 portable in your USB

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In previous entries we have discussed how to have MySQL 8 portable, in addition to the option of using XAMP to also have MariaDB also portable (in previous versions it was MySQL the version included in XAMPP). Download MariaDB You must go to and select the last version for downloading (or the one you need). In my case, the last version of June 2020 is 10.4.13. You need to access to View All MariaDB Releases, because the version I need to download it is not the direct link. Click…read more

Lessons I’ve learnt for not having backups

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After “all problems” I had with the database of my thesis (how to recover a database with no ibdata1 file), and get it back, I can teach you in more detail several things I learned, and since the previous entry was very long, I preferred to write an spacific new one. The problem: a corrupted database Well, basically, the database is corrupted and you are unable to access it, when last time it was perfectly possible for you to do it. The reason: as it says, unexpected closure of the…read more

Recover a MySQL database with no ibdata1 file

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Normally, when you start working with databases, you can suffer a dissaster, and you will be lucky if you do not got only one. And that’s what it has happended to me with the database of my thesis, becuase suddenly, my database has been corrupted, and I cannot use it. Or even worse, I have access but I have no data although the file size are large enough (some files, of course). Important: This tutorial is been writen at the same time as I am executing instructions, without knowing what…read more

How to: having MySQL 8 portable

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In the previous entry we commented on how to have a portable MariaDB server, using the XAMPP tool, while in this entry, I propose that instead of MariaDB, let’s prepare a MySQL 8 as the server to work. Downloading MySQL The first thing for having a MySQL portable version is that we can’t use the MySQL installer (in this blog I already told you how to install MySQL 5.6 with the installer). This time, we downloaded the zip version. Once downloaded the file, unzip the file in the directory you…read more

How to: MariaDB portable using XAMPP

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In the last posts of the blog I have talked about databases again, and we are working again with MySQL (what’s new in MySQL 8) and MariaDB. Some weeks ago I had the need to update part of my thesis, which implies (because of the availability) to have portable MySQL or MariaDB. So, I’ll tell you how I got it. Back to 2014 I already published a post testing one of the first versions of the MariaDB 10 series database using the installer (in spanish). And it is still a…read more