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System-versioned tables in MariaDB

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This post is specific for MariaDB databases only, and it is related to a really cool feature I like a lot: system-versioned tables, available since MariaDB version 10.3.4. The concept, temporal data tables, you must not confuse with temporal tables. Keep on reading to learn more! Temporal tables Temporal tables are tables that they are only available during the session, while is open. When the session is over, the temporal tables will be removed. It is very useful because it allows to speed up the work during the session, and…read more

Restore MariaDB or MySQL backup files

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We continue to learn things about databases, and this time, it’s time to restore the backups we’ve made of our MariaDb or MySQL databases. In the previous entry I showed you how to work with a custom script to make the copies, and that you can include in your Windows Startup to run automatically every time you access your computer, or launch it from a scheduled task, or when you need it. The case is to have the script ready. Today another fundamental part of backups is to prove that…read more

MySQL-MariaDB backups. How to automatize it

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This entry is not exclusive to a particular version of MySQL, but can be used by anyone, including MariaDB databases. It’s about executing database backups using mysqldump, and where I’ll tell you my experience, and some of the Windows scripts to automate the tasks, which always comes in handy. In my case, I usually have several scripts depending on the needs, but they all have the same objective: to back up MySQL or MariaDB databases. A script to backup MySQL-MariaDB databases The script I present you in this entry is…read more

MariaDB 10.4 portable in your USB

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In previous entries we have discussed how to have MySQL 8 portable, in addition to the option of using XAMP to also have MariaDB also portable (in previous versions it was MySQL the version included in XAMPP). Download MariaDB portable You must go to and select the last version for downloading (or the one you need). In my case, the last version of June 2020 is 10.4.13. You need to access to View All MariaDB Releases, because the version I need to download it is not the direct link….read more

Recover a MySQL database with no ibdata1 file

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Normally, when you start working with databases, you can suffer a dissaster, and you will be lucky if you do not got only one. And that’s what it has happended to me with the database of my thesis, becuase suddenly, my database has been corrupted, and I cannot use it. Or even worse, I have access but I have no data although the file size are large enough (some files, of course). Important: This tutorial is been writen at the same time as I am executing instructions, without knowing what…read more