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Connect to MS Access with Python

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Since I started to program with #Python, one of the first objectives I have is to stop using MS Access. But, until them, I must work with it. Although I am surprised for the huge amount of modules and packages of Python, no one seems to fit with MS Access, and the few that I found doesn’t seem easy …. at first. So, let’s go! I found a class on ActiveState ( to connect to MS Access, by using Python for Windows Extension, but although it’s very powerful, you need…read more

Linking MySQL-MariaDB under MS Access

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Today’s entrance pretend to give you two good recommendations, after a whole morning busy trying to solve a simple cuestion. The objective is linking a table that lives on a MySQL o MariaDB server on Microsoft Access, using ODBC (using MS Access as a MySQL front-end). This simple task, can be too dramatic if you don’t follow this recommendations: Don’t use special characters (acents, white space, ….) Don’t like too large names (max 18 characters!!) If I knew this before, I’d save a good time! So, let’s reproduce the error!…read more