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Extending VueJS with Vuex: the data manager

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This is the part 3 of the series Working with Vuetify (parte 1 y parte 2), and on this entrance I want to teach about Vuex. Also, I would write the structure of code that I use for using the store and some others tricks I normally use. What is … Vuex Vuex is …. the best invention of all I know since I work with Javascript, and specially, since I do it with VueJS. The best definition is in its own page, but basically it is an information manager,…read more

Working with Vuetify 2 – Part 2

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During the first part of Working with Vuetify, I described how the framework Vuetify is, and how you can work with a predefined template. It is time to set up everything for creating the menuapp component, so, let’s copy the whole template code in the template property of the compoment because we are not working with .vue files, but with Javascript. As a matetr of fact, we need to make some changes to the original code of <template></template> of google-youtube.vue, because in other case, you will get some errores. The…read more

Working with Vuetify 2 – Part 1

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In a previous post I told you about the Vuetify framework to work with VueJS, and with which I’ve been working for several months now. At the beginning I used the first versions, always with very good results, until the most recent stable version 1.x, specifically 1.5.18. A year ago, more or less, a new version came out: the new VuetifyJS versión 2.x but the adaptation to this new version has required an extra effort on my part, since the changes are quite significant, as there is not full compatibility…read more

Vue 3: Basic concepts

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Many things are going to change with the coming of Vue 3, and for that, it is very important to have some basic knowledge and to know the principles on which Vue 3 is based. It is a very theoretical entry, but vital to understand everything that happens within “vue”. What is the Document Object Model, or DOM El DOM is essentially a platform interface that provides a standard set of objects for representing HTML, XHTML and XML documents, a standard model of how these objects can be combined, and…read more

Vuetify, a VueJS framework

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Over the past few months, I have written several articles in this blog about VueJS, but I have not required any specific VueJS framework for the front-end, and in this case, the one I have used almost from the beginning has been Vuetify, which is nothing but an environment of Material Design components to make the development of your apps easier with VueJs. Versión 1.x Until recently, version 1.x was the one that was operational, and the one I’ve always used, but since the end of July 2019, version 2…read more


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