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Vuetify, a VueJS framework

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Over the past few months, I have written several articles in this blog about VueJS, but I have not required any specific VueJS framework for the front-end, and in this case, the one I have used almost from the beginning has been Vuetify, which is nothing but an environment of Material Design components to make the development of your apps easier with VueJs. Versión 1.x Until recently, version 1.x was the one that was operational, and the one I’ve always used, but since the end of July 2019, version 2…read more


VueJS y maps, with Leaflet (part 2)

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In part 1 about VueJs and maps with Leaflet we showed how to make a coordinate change using a urm2lat.js library. In today’s post, we will use what we have learned for coordinate selection and include a map with a marker on that coordinates, also showing a popup with its label, that of course, we can change. Let’s start! The HTML code Unlike what you saw in part 1, the code is exactly the same, but we will incorporate two CSS-style properties, which are necessary for the map to display…read more

VueJS and maps, using Leaflet (Part 1)

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The previous entry of VueJs was focused on using graphs, but for this entry, I would like to add another aspect: maps. This topic, maps and GIS, has always accompanied me throughout my professional life, and some time ago, in one of my projects, I needed to include a location map of a point. It’s time to use Leaflet with VueJS, and add maps to your peoject as I did. Changing coordinates from UTM 30N to geographics The way of including a location of a point on a map, the…read more

Using HighCharts-vue.js

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It has been a while since I published any entry related to VueJS, although it has been the last web framework that has been gutted on the web, and it is the framework with which I currently work and I feel more confortable. Sincerely, VueJS is very well thought out, whether you work with small projects, or if they are larger. In my case, I build small examples that I am integrating into larger projects and to this day, I do not see another option when working with Javasccript, even…read more

Basic notions about AngularJS

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Sooner or later, I had to try AngularJS, a front-end framework created by Google, and which we already presented here a few months ago. I have already commented many times that the front-end part is not in which I stand out and that I feel more comfortable in the backend, but how you have to know a bit of everything … Several months ago version 1.3 was published of this framework, and AngularJS 2.0 is underway, already on TypeScript (of which we will also talk shortly and we will expand…read more