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Firefox OS is dead. Try FirefoxOS in Android

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A long time since the last time I wrote about Firefox OS, mainly because it is a OS that is still not as popular as iOS and Android, and although it is fighting against them, Firefox OS still to grow up. The project is still alive (for a short period of time), and it can grow faster after the news that the app WhatsApp can be executed in Firefox OS (you can read more here). Now, you can try FirefoxOs on your Android device!! Try Firefox OS in Android During…read more

Firefox Developer Edition

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A new browser for developer, and as a fan of Firefox, let’s dive into it, trying to figure out what’s new. the product is Firefox Developer Edition, and you can download it here: Sync One of the feature more useful is the sync between the same account into several devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) offered by Firefox, because this feature allows the user to configure one, and use several times, sharing links, passwords, …. easy for the user. It’s a feature started a few editions ago, and now it is…read more

Firefox OS Packaged apps. Chronometer

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On a previous entrance I explained with full details how to program a chronometer for Firefox OS, by using manifest.webapp, a file needed for installing Hosted App. Hosted App on Google Drive On the course where I learnt all this, I needed to upload my exercises to Google Drive, so, I modify the manifest.webapp file like this: As you can see, the launch_path include subdirectories (of Google Drive), needed to acces to the app. Also, you can review how the icons are on relative paths. Here you have the link…read more

Creating a Chronometer App for Firefox OS

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On a previous entrance about #FirefoxOS I wrote about how to write manifest.webapp files. This files contains a JSON string with the metadata of the App. For a better understanding, let’s use an example: chronometer. Programming the chronometer Apart from the header and the footer, the central part of the app includes two buttons that give functionality to the app. One button is for start-stop the timer, and the second is for clearing the data. Also, I have included the neccesary code to store partial times on localStorage. I have…read more

Updating Firefox OS simulator

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I have been following a Firefox OS course, and although I had Firefox OS simulador installed, I got this incompatibility issue after Firefox 26+: So, let’s try if the old simulator works: And yes, it works, even with the warning that recommend me to use  the App Manager for Firefox. App Manager App Manager is a new tool available in Firefox for Desktop, which provides a number of useful tools to help you test, deploy and debug HTML5 web apps on Firefox OS phones and the Firefox OS Simulator, directly…read more