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Fallen in love into VueJS

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Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have fallen in love with VueJS, the progressive framework of Javascript, which has been a trend for months and to which I am now going to dedicate a few entries. If you are a reader of the blog, you will be able to see that I have not delved deeper into JavaScript frameworks such as React or AngularJS, for various reasons, which I now detail and which I had not been able to mention before. Today yes! What VueJS is It is a…read more

HTML version 5.2

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Today’s entrance is a change in the normal topics of the block, because you will be reading about changes, news and deprecations of HTML versión 5.2, an improvement in the HTML language, and some of them, really useful. In my opinion, HTML is one of the most used languages, and very used when developing SPA (single page applications) and all action is taken hidden to the user. . The changes and improvements in the HTML language are not for free, are due to a demand from developers. Also, as the…read more

Lovefield, the Javascript Relational Database

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Today I am writting related to a Google project called Lovefield, and it is a Javascript Relational Database designing for developing web applications. I have met this projects thanks to the Google website where they have published all Open Source projects the contribute to, or they have develop, order by categories. Here you have their creator, a googler, explaining what Lovefield is about: Lovefield The basic idea of Lovefield is to use relational models to develop webapps, by using a database either online either offline. The second feature is to…read more

Atom, the text editor for the 21st century

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A new entrance related to development tools, and today’s entrance it is turn for a rival of  Brackets, called Atom, a hackeable text editor for the 21 century. this text editor is been developed by GitHub, and i guess they know about coding, so, I have been using it for some time, with good opinion about it. Another important aspect is that Atom is available for all platforms, so that yo have no excuses to use it no matter what operating systems you are using: Windows, Linux or Mac. And…read more

Google HTML and CSS style guide

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Back to my obligatios after holidays, it is always good to have new challenges, and this year, I’m decided to go slowly. I am always running, and some time, it is good to have a break before going on. For today’s entrance, this is an advice, because I encaurage you to spend one or two hours studying HTML and CSS Style guida from Google, a few tips that will be very helpful if you are a web developer (or you hace to write HTML and CSS code). Style guides are…read more