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Microsoft, to conquest users and developers

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A new entrance focued on Microsoft, and for this occasion, I am proud to write about good news after the last decisions: Windows 10 will be replacing Windows 8 (they skipped number 9!). Characteristics of Operating Systems When i have conversations with friends and mates about operating systems, almost all of them end up criticizing Windows, but almost all of them use Windows. I always ask the same: What does a Linux user want? The console, of course! What does a Mac user want? A nice and perfect OS And…read more

Windows 7, the ephemeral

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Again, I have to write about Microsoft (Sigue el rodillo, Microsoft abandonará Windows 7 a su suerte el año que viene), and again, … the same action: end of support for Windows 7. A few days ago, I wrote about Last Microsoft movements, and the story repeat one more time! Windows 7 support is close to end. You can read it here, on Microsoft’s website (, since 13 January 2015, the main support ends, and only securyty updates will be available, until 2020.. A few months ago finished the Windows…read more

Format and install Windows XP from USB

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Last weekend I have a fight with my wife’s laptop. It’s a 10” one, with no CD-ROM, and win Windows XP pre-installed (in my case is Windows XP, but the it’s also valid for Windows 7 and 8). The normal procedure of reset the computer is to come back to initial values, as it comes from fabric. Just press Alt+F11 when booting and you’ll get the Acer Recovery, next, next, next …. and after 30 minutes … the laptop is ready! That’s the theory! Error when formating In practice, I…read more


Microsoft is in free fall

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Today I criticize Microsoft, becuase of the news about the end of Windows XP support, with all that implies (also Microsoft Office 2003, but in this case, the implications are not so critics). If you are a Microsoft developer, maybe you already suffer this kind of decisions, and you were injured if you worked with Classic ASP, Visual Basic 6, or VBA (my complaints are here). I’m not going to write about the decission, that I respect, but the future lack of confidence on Microsoft (previously, those confidence clientes were…read more