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Working with Vuetify: improvements – part 5

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We continue learning with the series Working with Vuetify, (part 2) where we have started working with one of the predefined templates, and have been adapting it to work without NodeJs or Webpack or compilation: all and only Javascript. In parts 3 and 4, we’ve learned about VueX, and the modules as well, but we’ve hardly included any functionality. Now it’s time to work with the menu, which was hardly touched before, except to include the name and version saved in the store. If you like this serie, just let…read more

Extending VueX knowledge: modules

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In the third entry of the Working with Vuetify series (part 2) I told you about VueX, the information repository used to work with VueJS, and which is very practical (in my opinion). Today we are expanding our knowledge with the use of VueX modules. VueX in large projects Although in the title I have put VueX for big projects, the explanations that I describe below are also useful for medium type projects, or even small projects. There is no perfect recipe, but what I tell you here is based…read more

Vue 3: Basic concepts

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Many things are going to change with the coming of Vue 3, and for that, it is very important to have some basic knowledge and to know the principles on which Vue 3 is based. It is a very theoretical entry, but vital to understand everything that happens within “vue”. What is the Document Object Model, or DOM El DOM is essentially a platform interface that provides a standard set of objects for representing HTML, XHTML and XML documents, a standard model of how these objects can be combined, and…read more

The road to VueJS 3

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Although there is not yet a stable version of VueJS version 3, the truth is that it has been several months with a beta that is showing us the way to where VueJS 3 is going. If you like VueJS, the best thing to can do is goint to Request for Comments, or RFC, where you can read what the community is thinking about: improvements, bugs, …. The last one you can find them here. Let me describe to you what are the main features of Vue 3: TypeScript support…read more

SPA with VueJS with no helpers

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Although I am working with VueJS for more than a year, during all this time, I have had no need of using NodeJS while developing, neither WebPack, neither any other loader, neither anything that requires extra effort in the project. Using this way I have had to do some sacrifices that I am goind to describe you in this post. Also, you can contribute to maintain this blog. Here is the list of commitments that VueJS has to program without helpers: You cannot create .vue files Perhaps this is the…read more