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Basic notions about AngularJS

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Sooner or later, I had to try AngularJS, a front-end framework created by Google, and which we already presented here a few months ago. I have already commented many times that the front-end part is not in which I stand out and that I feel more comfortable in the backend, but how you have to know a bit of everything … Several months ago version 1.3 was published of this framework, and AngularJS 2.0 is underway, already on TypeScript (of which we will also talk shortly and we will expand…read more

Second step with vueJS

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I already told you why I fall in love with VueJS, and you have read how easy is working with VueJS, how easy is the first step using this framework, a cool feature for success. Today it is time to go further and keep on learning data-binding with VueJS. Methods The Vue object needs at least one element to work with ‘el‘, and also, a second property is needed ‘data‘, the place where you can store the properties of the object. Let’s keep on going with methods, the place where…read more

First step with VueJS

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In the first post about VueJS, I already told you I’m delighted, but I haven’t shown a line of code yet, so it’s time to start with the first step with VueJS. Installation In the VueJS documentation there is a specific section for the installation of the library, which proposes several alternatives. First and foremost, it does not support IE version 8 and earlier, i.e. only modern browsers can make use of it. I think that at this point, IE 8 is more than outdated and if you still have…read more

Fallen in love into VueJS

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Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have fallen in love with VueJS, the progressive framework of Javascript, which has been a trend for months and to which I am now going to dedicate a few entries. If you are a reader of the blog, you will be able to see that I have not delved deeper into JavaScript frameworks such as React or AngularJS, for various reasons, which I now detail and which I had not been able to mention before. Today yes! What VueJS is It is a…read more

Trying Django, part 3

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Part 3 of the framework Django (here you have part 1, and part 2), after preparing a virtual environment, download Django and created the app and the super user that allow you access to the back end of the app. Today’s tras preparar el entorno virtual, descargar django y crear la aplicación y el super usuario para disponer de acceso al backend. Hoy conocemos un poco mejor los archivos que se han generado en el proyecto, que son: This file is empty, but it’s the one that allow yo…read more

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