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SPA with VueJS with no helpers

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Although I am working with VueJS for more than a year, during all this time, I have had no need of using NodeJS while developing, neither WebPack, neither any other loader, neither anything that requires extra effort in the project. Using this way I have had to do some sacrifices that I am goind to describe you in this post. Also, you can contribute to maintain this blog. Here is the list of commitments that VueJS has to program without helpers: You cannot create .vue files Perhaps this is the…read more

Conditional with VueJS

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Let’s keep on learning VueJS, and now it is turn for conditionals in VueJS. Let’s learn how to use if … then, or if … else if … else … the exercise is very easy, and inside the HTML code, We are using the directive v-if, v-else-if o v-else. The target Today’s exercise is to display two buttons, one for “Like” and another for “Do not like”, both controlled by like and notlike variables. If I ckick in one button,I will change the valeo of the property assigned. If True,…read more

Tools for developing with VueJS

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There is no doubt that VueJS is a fantastic framework that it is having tremendous acceptance in web development, and I’m one of them. Normally, the success of a framework is usually accompanied by development tools linked to it, and just as Facebook is at the forefront of React and tools have been developed, something similar happens with the tools to develop with VueJS. Vuejs DevTools In Firefox there exist an extension called Vue.js devtools that you can add: When adding VueJS to developer tools, you will find an icon above…read more

ES6: arrow functions

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Let’s keep on learning ES6 features, and after the first entrance on a few tips, today’s lesson is dedicated to arrow functions. The concept behind this functions are sintax reduce, they are anonimous functions, no bind with “this”, and always returning a value. They are defined with an arrow: () => { } The sintax is simple: and it can be equal to: As you can verify, the sentences are shorter, and easier to read, although the sintax depends on how paramaters the functions needs (in case it needs). By…read more

ES6: A few basic tricks

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It is true that Javascript is not my favorite language, but it does not mean that it should not be aware of it, although everything that is valid for Javascript is also valid for TypeScript. Today I’d like to comment on a few basic tricks that will make you take advantage of all the resources better than ES6 (and in future versions)! Template Strings One of the things I like most about Python is the way to create expressions of strings, you don’t need to be chaining things, like that:…read more