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Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio

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Yes, incredible, back again talking about Visual Basic 6. YES, read again …. VISUAL BASIC 6. I know the notice reading this entrance, and the news is that Microsoft want to give developers a new tool called Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio , a new aproach for migrating projects to the .NET platform. By now, still in alfa stage, still in development, but it’s a tool that you can try now. The big surprise of this new tool is that Microsoft aims developers to help them creating apowerful tool:…read more

Last Microsoft movements

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It had been several times where I have criticized the direct impact of Microsoft‘s decisions (and movements) affecting their customers. First, I complained of almost killing Visual Basic 6, and bet on the .NET environment. Something similar happened to Classic ASP. Developers were forced to take decisions, and so did I. My decision, at first, was to try C#, but after a while I move to Python, a language I like more and more, and I am starting to feel really confortable writting event visual GUI apps. Microsoft and Firefox…read more

I hate Connection strings

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I have already write here about how I am enjoying with Python, although I still have a lot of things to learn. Now I am starting to program scripts to work with databases and … I have to face my first serious problem:  dealing with Microsoft Access databases with Python. On this blog I have write about installing new Python modules in several ways, and with examples. One of them was installing mysql-db to work with MySQL databases. Other useful package is sqlite3 to work with SQLite databases, and so…read more

Microsoft leaves VBA bleeding to death

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A few days ago, I updated ArcGIS (software for creating maps, by ESRI) from version 9.3 to version 10.0. At first glance, a few improvements decided encourage me to do it, but one of the I wasn’t care: VBA was removed as a programming language. I realice it because I couln’d load all libraries I used to work with. After a litle Internet searching, I read that Microsoft has stopped selling VBA licences. What can I do now? I spent a lot of hours learning and programming VBA tools under…read more


How to start programming

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In this post I would like to write my point of view about how to start software programming. How I began In my case, I was a Windows user, so, the right choice was to learn Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). That was my starting point, several years ago, when a did a GIS MSC. One of the topics we cover during the course was VB6. I like it, so I decided to go further, reading two books: Active X programming in VB6 and Databases…read more