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VueSchool: starting with VueJS

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Although in this blog I have published a lot about VueJS, by the way, entrances that you must read, maybe you are the one that prefer to visit a website where you can follow a VueJS course. One really useful option is, because you have from basic yo advanced courses, some of the even free. If you like this topics, please, you can help me to maintain this blog. Preparing the ground for VueJS version 3 Without a doubt, VueJS has been a new player in the front-end development…read more

What is #MapReduce

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Throughout this blog I have written many things about databases, programming in different languages, but also, I have written about Big Data, one of the most fascinating topics if you like data. Unfortunately, I have not had work options to work with Big Data tools, and in my research work at the University, some tools would be good for me. Specifically, for several years Map Reduce is in fashion, which was put into fashion from Google, the big data giant (and to which I will dedicate several entries). Map Reduce…read more

Visual Studio Code: essential editor

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From time to time, it is good not to accommodate what you know and you have to leave the comfort zone. This is my case with text editors, who have always worked a lot with Notepad ++, but for certain things, I found it insufficient. Atom was a good test, especially since lately I have been developing with TypeScript 2.x, and CATS 2.x in my day to day. It doesn’t work very well on Windows 7. And now, I venture to know if Visual Studio Code does I have to…read more

Testing Zorin OS

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Although it is not the first time I work with Linux, it is true that I have tried few distributions outside of Ubuntu and Lubuntu (the most light version of Ubuntu for older computers). The experience with Linux was quite good, and now, I resume my Linux relationship thanks to the fact that recently, a friend recommended me to try Zorin OS, so, I tell you what I have done. As always, you can contribute to this blog by making a small donation here. The idea is to have an…read more

Knowing the deep and dark web

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I am not one of those who usually approach peripheral neighborhoods of the city, where the boundaries between the right and the least correct are blurred. Something similar happens with the Internet, which also have its peripheral areas where not everything is pink: It’s about the deep and dark web. Surface web Basically, surface web is the part of the Internet where we browse 90% of Internet users, access to Google, Facebook (well, if you are worried about your data, you better not enter FB #DeleteFacebook), Amazon, …. yes, there…read more