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ES6: arrow functions

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Let’s keep on learning ES6 features, and after the first entrance on a few tips, today’s lesson is dedicated to arrow functions. The concept behind this functions are sintax reduce, they are anonimous functions, no bind with “this”, and always returning a value. They are defined with an arrow: () => { } The sintax is simple: and it can be equal to: As you can verify, the sentences are shorter, and easier to read, although the sintax depends on how paramaters the functions needs (in case it needs). By…read more

ES6: A few basic tricks

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It is true that Javascript is not my favorite language, but it does not mean that it should not be aware of it, although everything that is valid for Javascript is also valid for TypeScript. Today I’d like to comment on a few basic tricks that will make you take advantage of all the resources better than ES6 (and in future versions)! Template Strings One of the things I like most about Python is the way to create expressions of strings, you don’t need to be chaining things, like that:…read more

Octanox, my first criptocurrency

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I have already spoken in several previous posts of the cryptomonedas, and today I tell you how I have become the holder of my first virtual coins, courtesy of a “colleague”. Specifically, I have some Octanox. Octanox Well, I am very happy because I own a few Octanox. For that, I opened an account with a Wallet at Octanox. The registration process is quite simple, in 1 minute or so, you are already registered. The next thing is, if you want to enter the 2FA (second authentication factor) using Google…read more

Bitcoin, where the criptocurrency world begin

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After a few entrances related to criptocurrency, it is time to go further and meet the Bitcoin, the currency where the criptocurrency world begin. What is bitcoin Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without any regulator that controls it (I mean, no Central Bank controls it), which means certain advantages compared to traditional currencies. It was born on February 4, 2009, and it seems that its creator was Satoshi Nakamoto, although it is not known if it is a person, some one anonymous, an organization, … It is also defined…read more

HTML version 5.2

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Today’s entrance is a change in the normal topics of the block, because you will be reading about changes, news and deprecations of HTML versión 5.2, an improvement in the HTML language, and some of them, really useful. In my opinion, HTML is one of the most used languages, and very used when developing SPA (single page applications) and all action is taken hidden to the user. . The changes and improvements in the HTML language are not for free, are due to a demand from developers. Also, as the…read more

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