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Using HighCharts-vue.js

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It has been a while since I published any entry related to VueJS, although it has been the last web framework that has been gutted on the web, and it is the framework with which I currently work and I feel more confortable. Sincerely, VueJS is very well thought out, whether you work with small projects, or if they are larger. In my case, I build small examples that I am integrating into larger projects and to this day, I do not see another option when working with Javasccript, even…read more

Modify COLLATE of all tables and columns in MySQL-MariaDB

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Working with the characters in the databases seems to have no consequences, until you come across things that do not match. In today’s post I tell you how to make it easier to change the COLLATE of the tables all to it. The reason for this entry The reason for this entry is that when making a query, it did not get the correct result. We reproduce what happened to me, and create a database, such that: CREATE DATABASE `test` /*!40100 COLLATE ‘utf8_general_ci’ */; so, let’s create a new table:…read more

Should a business accept Bitcoin?

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Should a business accept Bitcoin?

Basic notions about AngularJS

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Sooner or later, I had to try AngularJS, a front-end framework created by Google, and which we already presented here a few months ago. I have already commented many times that the front-end part is not in which I stand out and that I feel more comfortable in the backend, but how you have to know a bit of everything … Several months ago version 1.3 was published of this framework, and AngularJS 2.0 is underway, already on TypeScript (of which we will also talk shortly and we will expand…read more

Anaconda and PyScripter

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Afetr a long time with no post related to Python, I am back. Now it is turn to go back with the PyScripter IDE and Anaconda3, a Python’s distribution. A few weeks ago, I come back to work with this IDE that I really like a lot because, for some time, I moved to PyScharm. One issue I suffer since quite a lot, when I work with Anaconda 3 was the error that PyScripter could not load a Python engine. Trying to solve this issue, I search for some advices,…read more