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The VBA code of ManejandoMondo Excel

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Second chapter about ManejandoMondo and the VBA code inside: not only you can have for free the Excel file, but also, I explain the code. The app ManejandoMondo is available for you by sending me an email to, and of course, you can donate something if you like! A long time ago, by 2013, I wrote an article here at ManejandoDatos related to VBA and its survival, but still in 2021, VBA is alive. VBA is not a language I use a lot because I develop with Javascript and…read more

ManejandoMondo: a free Excel to replace Endomondo

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Since a few months ago, Endomondo decided to close its app for #running, and it has left me with a my favorite app. So, today I present you my alternative, ManejandoMondo, created in Excel and VBA (and free) to obtain the aggregated statistics, a function that I loved and I was missing. Drop me an email to or send me a MD on InstaGram and I will send it to you for free. Also, if you worth it, you can help to maintain this blog, and the app! Endomondo…read more

Make your backups with 7-zip on Windows

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This time, we are not talking about Python or databases, but about backups, a very important aspect that does not get all the attention it deserves, until you have a problem, and then, it is when you take action. What you are about to read is how to automate the task of making your backups using the free 7-zip compressor, under Windows systems. If this entry makes your life easier and saves you from losing your information, I encourage you to make a donation 💰 to keep improving it. First…read more

Why you should avoid using WhatsApp web

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New chapter of my serie #DeleteFacebook, and this time,I am writing about why you should avoid to use WhatsApp web, because it has some security problems. I have not discover anything (I would like to have more advanced knowledge about hacking and security), but it is an extra reason to forget about it: Google are indexing telephone numbers and messages. WhatsApp and Facebook As you can imagine, I’m not a very good friend of Facebook and I have published it on this blog in several articles, because I think there…read more

Facebook is stealing your WhatsApp’s data

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Since a few weeks ago, if you are a WhatsApp user, an indirect Facebook one, you will have received an “accept” message: I want to “steals your data” to do with them what they want. At least, that’s what I understand I have to accept! WhatsApp y Facebook, perfect complements Several years ago when Facebook bought the emerging WhatsApp startup, a web application that was well received by the public for its ease in having conversations with your contacts. In a small amount of time, WhatsApp became a new means…read more

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