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The Swift language, by Apple

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I am not an Apple fun, I have never had a device or laptop from this brand … mainly because I prefer Android, but todday I must write about what happened on monday 2nd June (apart of the abdication of King Juan carlos I of Spain), and it’s about Swift. Swift, a new language for iOS y OS X Every time Apple has a technological event, the expectation is worldwide, but this kind of events are not on my expectation, since this morning, when Apple presents a new language called…read more

Learning Objective C at Code School

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Today I would like you to introduce you a new website dedicated to courses. I haven’t done any yet, but …. it’s another option. The web is Code School,, and the courses you can choose are Javascript, jQuery … and even Objective C. Opposite to CodeAcademy, some courses are not free, you must pay, but there are several free interesting courses, so I encourage you to have a look, and if you’re interested, sign in, and of course, write me a comment with your experience! Learning Objective C I…read more