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Mining Massive datasets course review

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This is the first course I did (well, I tried because I finally quit) after my summer holidays, related to mining massive datasets and data management. The environment of the course have been great, and also I joined a WhatsApp group with all kind of people from around the world with questions, answers, links to courses, pepers, blogs, helping other collegues, …. Starting with Mining Massive Datasets The first week of the course is really interesting, with two cool topics: distributed file systems, and how to calculate PageRank, the Google…read more

Tkinter GUI Application Development, the book

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Today I am going to write about a book I have been reviewing during the past weeks, called:Tkinter GUI Application Development. On my previos blog post I wrote about how difficult is to create GUI software with #Tkinter, compared as I did with Visual Studio when I programmed VB6. The action “behind” Visual Studio 6 when you drag and drop controls to a form, modifying colors, fonts, …  is code creation: every time you make an action like drag and drop controls, move a control, … code is being generated…read more