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ES6: arrow functions

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Let’s keep on learning ES6 features, and after the first entrance on a few tips, today’s lesson is dedicated to arrow functions. The concept behind this functions are sintax reduce, they are anonimous functions, no bind with “this”, and always returning a value. They are defined with an arrow: () => { } The sintax is simple: and it can be equal to: As you can verify, the sentences are shorter, and easier to read, although the sintax depends on how paramaters the functions needs (in case it needs). By…read more

The odyssey of working with Tkinter comboboxes

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My first challenge after starting to work with Tkinter has arrived, and it’s … the combobox control (the case is similar to Listbox), and …… I must admit I am seriously disappointed with this widget, basicaly because I cannot assign a identifier as a response after a selection, I mean, I cannot insert a value and its identifier on the widget. The widget only admits lists, becuase an internal list handle everything. In my opinion, this behaviour is not practical. Why not use dictionaries, at least? (This was my first…read more

Anaconda and MySQL

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I already wrote that since a few months ago I am working with #Anaconda, a scientific Python version, because this version includes several tools for working with data. However, I ws a little bit confuse because there is no MySQL package to work with. So, if you need to connect with a MySQL database, you need to install a package. On a previous post, I already explained how you can install MySQLdb, but, even doing this, it doesn’t work: So, I read on this forum post that it’s recommended to…read more