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Let’s try MariaDB

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I should have written this entrance before, because the original in spanish was published on September 2013, one year ago! After installing MySQL and all the entrance related to MySQL upgrading versions, here for 5.6 and here for 5.7, I must try MariaDB. Let’s try MariaDB 10 It has been on alpha state (in developing mode) for a long time, but now you can download it and give it a try. And, as you can see, the installation process is quickly, clean, and easy. I am using a vistual machine…read more

Working with config files in Python: ConfigParser advanced

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As you could read on my last post about Python and ConfigParser, I wasn’t completly agree on how to save data, so I decided to investigate if some one has an improved class for ConfigParser. On my first search, I found this page (, and indeed, I got an improved class, but only for reading data (not for writting) within the comments. I keep on searching, and I found a Python project with a very powerful class, but not able to use it for diferent projects . Basically, the class…read more

Working with config files in Python: ConfigParser

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Maybe, the module I am writting today is the first Python module I need almost on every new project. It’s not difficult, but it’s tricky! Basicly, config files (the classic .ini files on Windows) are those files where the software store data that it will be use on the next execution. I have always use config files, and that’s the rearon why I learn the first when trying new programming languages. Pythoning under VB6 Recenty I have a small issue with a librery I use to work with on VB6,…read more

Trying to solve error 1053 when installing MySQL 5.7.2

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In this article I am try to “solve” the 1053 error I got when installing MySQL 5.7.2. The first thing is trying to know what or who procuces the error. Reading this artiche confirms that it’s a Windows issue! #MySQL is not so bad, that’s Microsoft fault! I keep on investigating, and on a new article the solution is to “clean the system”, and also proposing me a software to solve it. I installed it, and I got ” a few problems to solve”, but I am not in the…read more


Installing MySQL 5.7.2: error 1053

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Last September 2013 was the month of  #MySQL on I read that the new MySQL 5.7.2 was the best ever MySQL version. So I decided to download it and install it from here: I downloaded the full Windows MySQL installer, around 193 Mb. The changes and features of the new version are here. Without any action, I execute the installer and it detects that I have a MySQL 5.6 server installed, and it proposes me to update from versión 5.6.10 to 5.6.13, last available (versión 5.6.14 is beta)….read more