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MongoDB config file

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Now that we have MongoDB up and running, it’s time to configure the file, paying attention into the config file for the mongoDB server. MongoDB reads a configuration file (it’s a text file) when you starts a server. This feature is exactly the same as MySQL does, and modifying the configuration file you can modify the server to your needs or to your limitations. To starts a MongoDB server, just type on a MS-DOS console: mongodbd –config rutaconfig If you don’t have a configuration file, you can create a new…read more

Web App Manifest on Firefox OS

Posted by in Firefox OS, Firefox OS

I keep on learning more and more about #FirefoxOS, and today I am going to write about Web App Manifiest. It sounds “complicated”, but it’s only a text file with a JSON string. The content of the file is very important because it constains all informario to install and run your app on Firefox OS. In the post I already wrote about types of Firefox OS Apps (in spanish, there were two types: on hosted apps, the manifest in included on the directory, while on packages apps, the manifest…read more

PyScripter, default IDE to work with ArcGIS 10

Posted by in Python

Since I started to work with Python, I started as well to wirk with PyScripter as my default IDE. I like it because it’s very easy and of course, it’s an open source project supported by Google, and if Google supports it, maybe you should take it into account. In this post I have followed the this instructions to make PyScripter as the default Python editor to use within ArcMap. I found this solution as the best to code (and even execute) my Python scripts. So, within ArcMap 10.0, go…read more

Adding new Python packages under ArcGIS 10

Posted by in Python

Working with Python under ArcMap forced me to understand how to add and use new modules and packages in order to improve my scripts. It’s an important question to solve (at least, for me), due to its implications: reuse code, more functionality, … This questiona arised when I was trying to include a module I was developing with a few functions for a small project that I wanted to use in two different scripts, and I was always receiving the same messages from Python within ArcMap: “No module name ….” The…read more


Error installing new Python packages on Windows 7

Posted by in Python

In a previous post I write aboput how easy to install new Python modules and packages under Windows, but some times, on Windows, this task may be not as simple and easy as you can imagine (last post was writen using Windows XP but this one). As we did before, let’s install NumPy on Windows 7, using “pip” and “easy_install“, but I got errors with both. As you can imagine, things are not going the way it should, and i need to investigate how to solve the  vcvarsall.bat error. I…read more


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