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Courses starting Febrary 2014

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In this post I will inform you about a few courses that it will start on Febrary 2014, and maybe it can be very useful for you!. First of all, if you want to start #Python programming, the info for the course if here: It starts on 19th febrary, and it takes 9 weeks. It’s for beginners or for those who want to improve their knowledge on Python. If you prefer a data analysis course, here you have another good option, starting 17th Febrary on coursera: The course…read more


Learning R at computer for data analysis

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A few weeks ago, I finished a course titled Computing for Data Analysis, at, because I wanted to learn about R, a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, with its own programming language. This is the second course trying to learn R, and the first one “no compulsory” (I took the previous one at University of Cordoba, where I did a MSc on Distributed Renovable Energy). Computing for data analysis This course is perfect for introducing to R, although my expextations came down at the end (it’s…read more