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Tables with PureCSS

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This is the last entrance about PureCSS, the CSS framework from Yahoo! , easy to use for those who hate the front-end task. Today, tables! For our example, let’s use the same table as we did when talking about Twitter Bootstrap. The results is: Let’s start by applying a table style to the table, just by adding the pure-table class, and you’ll get this new look to the table: You can use a few more classes. One of them let you enphatize the information on rows adding the pure-table-horizontal class (the…read more

Buttons and Forms with PureCSS

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On a previous entrance I wrote about the framework PureCSS, from Yahoo!, and I consider it really interesting for those deves that don’t like the front-end work, so, with this framework it’s very easy to beautify Web apps. Buttons The classes to improve the aspect of buttons can by applied to tags <a> and <button>. Anyway, in the documentation you can find excla classes that I have included on manejandodatos_purecss.css , and are not included on the official PureCSS archive. If you want to create a button, use the pure-button…read more