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Learning #MySQL at SoyData.Net

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This entrance is dedicated to a new website for learning #BigData in spanish: What is It is a collaborative online training platform on all matters relating to data in spanish. It now has 15 fully uploaded and available courses to which they have registered more than five hundred people in just two weeks. These courses address specific high demand technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, R and cover key areas such as visualization, cloud computing or Structured Query Language (SQL). It also provides an introduction to #BigData concept for those…read more

MySQL server health: the error files

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As I already wrote on previous entrances, modify a few parameters while configuring the MySQL server can raise Error 1067 Can’t Start the Server  (still in spanish but being publish soon).Thanks to this error, I improve the knowkedge about MySQL, config the server, performance … although the topics I like the most is database design. But, you have to keep on learning, haven’t you? Navigating thrugh MySQL bugs I would like to thank the MySQL error team because I could know good practices every MySQL DBA should follow due to…read more

MySQL-MariaDB Registry files

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One feature from MySQL (also from MariaDB) very useful for DBA is registry files, that stores everything of what is happening on the server. You have several alternatives. By default, all registry files are located on the data dir, although you can force to save it to a different path (you must do this using the config file of the server my.ini). Error registry It saves all information related to when the server starts up and stops using mysqld and also, if any critical error was raised while running. This…read more

Adminer, a simple but effective database manager

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Last week I was asked for help to the invertigation group I work with at University of Cordoba UCO for setting up a  WordPress page, instead of Joomla. In order to access the files by FTP, I use Filezilla with success, but I didn’t know how to access the database for creating a backup (backup). Adminer.php, an alternative to PhpMyAdmin Suddently, I remenber a project called Adminer, a database manager that works with MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server and Oracle, everything in just a single PHP file, that…read more

DBA tools: MySQL WorkBench

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MySQL WorkBench is the open alternative from #MySQL for the DataBase Administrator, DBA, and also for the non-DBA that need to work directly with databases. A few months ago ORACLE published the 6.0 beta version of this tool, with new features and improvements (previuos version was 5.2), and right now you can download version 6.1. The main window is designed to show the user several database connection, model (in the las image, there is no models). The right zone is prepared to link to several resources like blogs, forums, scripting…read more